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C.A.R. – Idle Eyes – EP [Kill The DJ Records KTDJ034] (2014)


The French singer and producer of Chloe Battant, once her project Battant are finished, continues with her other solo project of C.A.R., and now we have a new release, a new single, published in its digital edition on the label Kill The DJ and in a double 12″ of vinyl on the label Les Disques De La Mort, a preview of her forthcoming album ‘My Friend’ to be published October 25, this advancement is performed with the excellent and beautiful ‘Idle Eyes’, with that great voice and smooth instrumentation, a track of dream, coldwave, accompanied by an excellent pack of remixes, starting with Roman Flügel and his 7 minutes of twisted remix, strange and hypnotic, dark and minimalist; Planningtorock with her ‘Vandalise You All’ is a totally different reconstruction, with arrangements of strings, new voices, and a catchy and repetitive rhythms, great remix; the producer of Clara 3000 obscures the track, and as full of mystery, and from Berlin with rRoxymore and another completely different rework, full of sounds and percussion on the reconstruction. A very good and highly recommended EP, with a great original and 4 completely different reconstructions.

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C.A.R. – Idle Eyes – EP [Kill The DJ Records KTDJ034] (2014-09-29)
1 Idle Eyes (Original Mix) 3:23
2 Idle Eyes (Roman Flügel Remix) 6:57
3 Idle Eyes (Planningtorock “Vandalise You All” Remix) 5:42
4 Idle Eyes (Clara 3000 Remix) 7:05
5 Idle Eyes (Roxymore Remix 5:44

Pre-Order Vinyl Part 1 @ Juno (13 Oct 14)
C.A.R. – Remixes Part 1 [Les Disques De La Mort DLM 004] (2014-10-13)
Side 1
1. Idle Eyes (Roman Flügel remix)
2. Idle Eyes (Planningtorock ‘Vandalise You All’ remix)
Side 2
1. Angelina (Manfredas instrumental)
2. Idle Eyes (Benedikt Frey remix)


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