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C.A.R. – My Friend [Kill The DJ Records] (2014)


The band from London of Battant (Andy Baxter, Chloé Raunet, Joel Dever, Tim Fairplay) left us 2 excellent albums, after the tragic death of Joel Dever, one of the pillars of the band with Chloé Raunet, the formation was dissolved, and that talent is in the air, Tim Fairplay gave strength to his career alone and together with A. Weaterhall as The Asphodells; Andy Baxter with various remixes and collaborations with other projects, and was Chloé Raunet, which in 2013 gave out to his new solo project, C.A.R. (Choosing… Acronyms… Randomly) and on the same label of Battant, Kill The Dj (Chloe & Ivan Smagghe) published that same year the singles ‘Laika’ and ‘HIJK’, and this 2014 ‘Ten Steps Up’ and more recently ‘Idle Eyes’, all those singles accompanied by very good collections of remixes from excellents producers, and finally the debut album is of C.A.R. is here, 12 tracks, which includes the previous 4 singles published, 11 compositions by Chloe Raumet and a cover of the French singer Christophe (‘La Petite Fille Du 3ème’), an album that has the colaborcion of Timothy J Fairplay in record, guitar and bass on ‘HIJK’ and ‘Glock’d’, Mark Kerr, collaborator with Bot ‘Ox on ‘Angelina’, ‘Sophomore’ and ‘Becky’ playing drums or the duo of It’s A Fine Line (Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris) mixing ‘Spitfire’ or Chloe recording of ‘A Ticket’. A personal album, cathartic for Chloe, a liberation, give out his creativity through different musical influences, a very detailed production, each instrument and sound on the exact moment, most pop moments, moments more synth-pop, new wave or coldwave, always with the beautiful voice of Chloe telling us stories, an album of timeless, to enjoy it in full, delicious 43 minutes. A highly recommended album.

C.A.R. – My Friend [Kill The DJ Records KTDJCD012] (27 October, 2014)
1- Angelina 03:58
2- HIJK 04:40
3- A Ticket 04:10
4- Ten Steps Up 03:18
5- Glock’d 03:33
6- La Petite Fille Du 3eme 03:52
7- My Friend D 04:01
8- Idle Eyes 03:23
9- Sophomore 03:57
10- Becky’s 02:53
11- Spitfire 03:26
12- Thick Mud Of My Heart 02:24

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