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Cannibal Ink – Bible Kills EP [Nein Records] (2015)


The trio from Madrid/Mallorca of Cannibal Ink aka Voodoo Corporation, Guillermo Iraola, Antonio Canca & Andres N Fernandez, this week published their third EP for the British imprint of Nein Records (run by Tronik Youth), after debuting last April in the label with ‘Le Petit Prince’ with remixes by Moscoman, Mijo, Justin Robertson and Alvaro Cabana, and last July with ‘Acid U’ with remixes by Emperor Machine and Chris Massey, now with their new EP for the label, ‘Bible Kills’, a new cut from the trio, accompanied by 2 remixes, the first from Marseille with FKClub, artist with EPs for labels such as Relish recordings, Astro Lab Recordings, La Belle Records or participate in a compilation for La dame Noir Records; and from Mexico, with the producer of Argentine origin of Thomass Jackson, with publications for labels as Correspondant, La dame Noir Records, Play Pal Music or Gomma among other labels.

The third EP by Cannibal Ink for Nein Records, opens with the original mix of ‘Bible Kills’, a cut of almost 7 minutes with a slow tempo, dark, with influences from classical rhythms of New Beat and EBM which is added to the classic sounds of sirens and the sampling of the recitation of a preacher, all with a strong percussion. For the remixes, first with FKClub, adding a more mysterious atmospheres, sounds more raw, powerful bassline an energetic remix. And with Thomass Jackson that leads to these atmospheres more dark and sinister from this producer, with a more hypnotic result and sounds more trippy.

Cannibal Ink – Bible Kills EP [Nein Records NEIN 051] (12 October, 2015)
1 Cannibal Ink – Bible Kills (original mix) 06:47
2 Cannibal Ink – Bible Kills (FK club mix) 07:06
3 Cannibal Ink – Bible Kills (Thomass Jackson mix) 06:14

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