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CLG May ChartMix (2014)


We begin this June in a new series of mixes in ComoLasGrecas aimed exclusively with some of the tracks only published during that month, 2 ChartMix, one more oriented Electronica-Techno-Tech House-Deep House music and its variants, and a another more Electronica-Disco-House and its variants, is not included the best, or anything similar, if not, a selection of tracks that have come to our attention that we consider interesting, and we like it.

May 2014 Chart Mix Disc by MT on ComoLasGrecas

May Chart Mix Disc CLG by Mt_Clg_Chartmix on Mixcloud

Belly – Dark Autumn (Headman-Robi Insinna Remix) [Belly Dance]
Black Body – Tomorrow Never Comes (Vocal Mix) [OCD Records]
Future Bones – Dig Deeper feat Romin [Tici Taci]
Gitchell Moore – Ghosts Of Mount Ararat [Outernational]
Did Virgo ft. Joanna – Work Addict
[La Dame Noir]
Cardini & Shaw – In The Ballroom [Correspondant]
Paqua – Late Train (Emperor Machine Special extended version – vocal) [Claremont 56]
Mushrooms Project – Odyssey II [Opilec Music]
Kasper Bjorke feat Tobias Buch – Rush (Brynjolfur & Heygum Remix) [HFN Music]
Claap! – Dimanche (feat. Santana) (Mike Simonetti Acid Remix) [La Belle Records]
FNM – Monday (Original) [Save The Black Beauty]
Trentemoller – Deceive (Trentem?ller Club Mix) [In My Room]
Coyote – Passing Memories [Rothmans]
Avanti – The Man (Dynamicron Remix) [Local Kaffe]
Joakim – RX777 [Tigersushi/Because Music]
Richard Sen – Ghost Train [Emotional Especial]

May 2014 Chart Mix Elec by MT on ComoLasGrecas

May Chart Mix Elec CLG by Mt_Clg_Chartmix on Mixcloud

Tim Paris – John Carpenter Is Playing At My House (Original Mix) [Family N.A.M.E. Records]
The Field – No. No… (John Tejada Mix) [Kompakt]
Gipsy Family – Woodboy (Eggo Remix) [Inlab Recordings]
My Favorite Robot – Dead of the Dance [My Favorite Robot Records]
Deepfunk – Freud And The Oceanic Feeling [Beachcoma]
Gin Sling – Dwarf Star (Offset remix) [Days Of Being Wild]
Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix) [Monkeytown Records]
Magic Panda – Life Is Elsewhere (Roi Koch Remix) [Knopje]
Agents Of Time – Hutset [Stem Records]
Mohn – Saturn (Saschienne Mix) [Kompakt]
Eggo – Seaborn [Manual Music]
Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler – Young World (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
Slove – Flash (Pachanga Boys Hippie Dance) [Kompakt]
Gui Boratto feat. Come and Hell – Take Control (Weval Remix) [Kompakt]
Tempelhof – Drake (Young Marco) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
Sid Le Rock – Mystery Meat (Original Mix) [Suruba Records]
Nick Dow – Armour Plated [Traum]
Georges Guelters – Criterium [Mr.Moutarde]
Tim Green – Seti (Original Mix) [My Favorite Robot Records]


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