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CODE Four – [Dark Distorted Signals] (2020)


On many occasions, the world of music resembles that of the stock market, and the attention paid to an artist depends on his ability to be ubiquitous, never to step on the brake. There are those who are ‘up’ more for the gift of opportunity and persistence than for the true quality of their music, and then we have the ones below. But thanks to labels such as Dark Distorted Signals, which have achieved that some artists, of unquestionable quality and musical trajectory, not attuned by market trends, can emerge and re-flourish in the most fair way. The label, led by Willem Voet, based in Antwerp, and we will have the pleasure of interviewing soon, is an example to follow in his honest, selective and 100% Belgian work.

With Dark Distorted Signals, Willem takes us to the deepest Berghain with CODE Four, where he boasts acidic sounds, industrial rhythms, hard trance and sometimes experimental sounds. A joy for all sound lovers inspired by references such as The Hacker, Borusiade, Radical G or Helena Hauff.

Each track on this disc seems designed to reproduce a wide and fragile sound to listen and feel from the bottom. All this with a line full of contrasts, which open us again and again to what is to come, with a result as inspiring as magnetic. And it proves it, revitalizing genres, while implying that with music everything is possible because everything is always-start.


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