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Colors Sound System – Sementes Ardentes [LoveMonk] (2013)


The Brazilian duo of Colors Sound System (DJs Jota Wagner & Captain Wander) disembarks for the label based in Madrid Lovemonk with 4 new songs, four tracks that fused influences and rhythms, the rhythms more disco to the Happy Mondays and Manchester sound with the intention of get to dance with lots of energy, 3 long development tracks, between 7 and 10 mintues, to begin with the song called ‘1974 ‘, a bomb with those percusion and drums at the beginning to give way those great vocals and the bass filled funk, and suddenly explode guitars; ‘Poiera Lunar’ other demostation, in this case a bit of a jam session as if it were, the 10 minutes of ‘Ar’ and those with these organ and bass, delight song, magic and cosmic, psychedelic, and to close, the track shorter than 3 minutes and EP’s title, ‘Sementes Ardentes’ with cosmic sounds and relaxing drive. Excellent EP.

Colors Sound System – Sementes Ardentes [LoveMonk LMNKV83] (16 February 2013)
1. 1974 07:54
2. Ar 10:40
3. Poeira Lunar 07:20
4. Sementes Ardentes 03:19


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