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Beanfield feat Marzenka – Compost Black Label #104 [Compost CPT4263] (2013)


Fresh and well back again. One of the leading lights in Compost’s history, Beanfield´s mastermind Jan Krause has produced an impeccable run of singles and albums, while in the last three years he did productions for dozens of other great artists like Permanent Vacation, Roland Appel, Robert Owens.

If you’re a bit familiar with the Compost back catalogue, besides the three Beanfield albums and lot of hits like „Tides“ (Beanfield’s „Tides“ sold over 10.000 vinyl singles), you can find his masterful producer credits on more than ten different artist albums. Although the last Beanfield release was 2008, Jan Krause was and is always busy producing, mixing, recording in his own full professional big room studio. By the way, recently he wrote and recorded two songs with Christian Prommer for Christian’s „Ambach“ album.

„Alone“ featuring Marzenka is showing Beanfield on formidable form: kicking forward with slick n tuff beats and basslines, soulful vocals by Munich based Marzenka, blistering synths, beautiful ingrediences all over the place, underpinned by an aqueous atmosphere. Both tracks are timeless balanced and infectious house tunes.

Have you ever seen the close-up of a beanfield, or can you imagine what it looks like? If you can’t you will have to wait another thirty years for the real thing when these 10sqm chunks of the moon will be sold by the International Space Selling Corporation.

Before then Beanfield, the Munich-based project of Michael Reinboth and Jan Krause give you another rare and unique microcosm. Nourished by ancient elements of Rare Groove and Latin Jazz from the Old School into a modern, urban Electro of their own. Conjuring up aural images reminiscent of Jurassic-style monster movie soundtracks, the human melting-pot of New York, and the mystic exoticism of the Brazilian Jungle, Beanfield fuse musical skill with analogue & digital technology – all on top of a thick layer of funky grooves – to create the freshest sound you will come across for a long time.

Listen to the absurdly catchy “Planetary Deadlock” (vocoder courtesy of Boris Geiger), or the experimental electro-jazz of “Green Angel” (containing a Wurlitzer solo by Jazz-pianist Till Sahm). Whichever track you turn into, you will encounter Beanfield’s highly individualistic mix of sublime noise fragments woven into complex webs of global beats. And watch out for the haunted video to “Planetary Deadlock”, a creation by underground filmmaker Klaus Tartler in which he combines various video formats to create a unique, intricate set of images which perfectly capture the surrounding musical landscapes.

DJ, music journalist and author Michael Reinboth is the founder, head A&R of Compost and Compose Records, and has been the brain behind three highly regarded club nights in Munich. Jan Krause, ex-apprentice of Jürgen Koppers (Godfather with Giorgio Moroder, both responsible of the Munich Disco Sound, and producer of Donna Summer a.m.o.), is a sound-engineer and doubles as bass-player of the world’s most famous rare-groove band Poets Of Rhythm. Together they have arranged, produced and mixed several albums and 12inches for Compost including Four Ears, Knowtoryus, DJ Linus, Kristo, the first A Forest Mighty Black singles, Taran, Moodorama, and many more.

Besides, their remixes for Kruder & Dorfmeister’s project Tosca “Fuck Dub”, for Kosma, Brazil band Timbalada, Eric “IQ” Gray (ex-member of Poor Righteous Teachers), as well as MC Solaar’s “Nouveau Western”, the Mighty Dub Cats and Sofa Surfers, are internationally acclaimed. Their very first release, “Charles” – probably the only Dancefloor record ever to be played regularly at both 45rmp and 33rmp – received excellent review in both the German and the international music press. Beanfield are currently working on a number of projects, and new tracks including film soundtracks and the nu-disco project Moon Machine which is out on Compose.

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Beanfield feat Marzenka – Compost Black Label #104 [Compost CPT4263] (4 October, 2013)
1 Alone 07:29
2 Bring You Love 06:36
Bonus Digital:
3 Alone (instrumental) 07:09


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