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Cowboy Rhythmbox – 6AM Cowboy [Phantasy] (2020)


Cowboy Rhythmbox are back, and this time they do it alongside Detroit producer and DJ Sharif Laffrey, offering one of the most memorable and original releases in Phantasy history. With what initially started out as a remix project, Sharif often found himself in deep studio sessions, leading him to catalyze a sound that went far beyond what he had planned.

Laffrey’s track masterfully combines, for 15min, its own flavor for darkness and unconventional sounds. Mixing element upon element, until giving a baroque ensemble, happy, while fun schizophrenic. This unclassifiable work is designed to make us enjoy in the best clubs, leading us to forget all quarantines.
In response to Laffrey’s work, Cowboy Rhythmbox counterattack with a rejuvenated formula that takes their sound further.

Impressed by Laffrey’s performance, they choose to deliver remix after remix with their “Deviation Variation”, which delves into a singular, overwhelming and nuanced sound. Thanks to its characteristic psychedelia, it hypnotizes us, and gently drags us to the core of each dance floor, until we launch ourselves onto the dance floor. The Cowboys rework the synthesizers with ‘Vodonik’, which increases guttural acid and a bass line that may lessen Laffrey’s fury, but keep its dirty textures. A work as casual as particular and meticulous, that will make us forget all confinement.


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