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Crimea X – Vannij [Hell Yeah Recordings] (2013)


The super Italian duo of Crimea X (Dj Rocca & Jukka Reverberi) has already prepared the launch of what will be his second studio album for the Italian label Hell Yeah Recordings, and what better way to start preparing this great event publishing this compilation called ‘Vannij’ which includes 13 remixes by the duo, a review of his remixes from 2009 until the end of 2012 with that special touch of the duet between kraut-disco-cosmic-space that give all remix compositions, beginning with the cry of the song ‘I’ll Be There’ by Welcome Back Sailors, remix that appeared last summer in the compilation of ‘Singita Miracle Beach 10th Anniversary Compiled By Jose Padilla & Glass Coffee’ for the label Klik Records, a delight with chillwave touches; the magical remix of 2011 for the Italian group of A Classic Education and ‘Devilish Coasts Sway’, a version cosmic-kraut; the 8 minutes of delicious kraut-disco for Bjorn Torske and ‘Slitte Sko’ (Smalltown Supersound) from last year; the brilliant remix for the itaian duo fo experimental electronic-rock form last year, Holiday In Arabia and its great ‘Helenium’ (Mad On The Moon); one of the oldest remixes, 2009, which made for Banjo Or Freakout and ‘Upside Down’, one a dark remix to fly a while; brilliants for the remix to Enzo Elia & Spy and the track ‘Santo’ a cosmic journey, post balearic; the remix of 2011 for japan group of Bremen and ‘Anoasa’ (KRS) one of the most galactic-cosmic-disco; the duo’s first remix, which was for Luca Baldini and his track ‘Hooked’ (Hell Yeah) in 2009, pure-disco space; the disco-balearic-kraut for The Dark Esquire and his track ‘Situation’ (THISISNOTANEXIT) of 2010; the recent remix for the Florian Meindl track with the collaboration with Jukka Reverberi (Crimez X) and his track ‘Pictures’ (FLASH Recordings); the brilliant remix for Dyno and his great song ‘Oceania’ (Hell Yeah), magical work; the recent reissue for the track of Velferd with new remixes ‘The Aspens Turning Gold’ (Hell Yeah); and the remix for the track of Ajello (Dj Rocca & Fabrizio Tavernelli) with collaboration of Fred Ventura ‘My Rhythm’ (Danny Was A Drag King) from 2010. Excellent review of the work of this great duo remixers, bright and great composers, magical remixers.

Crimea X – Vannij [Hell Yeah Recordings HYR7101] (2013-03-04) Buy @ Beatport
1. Welcome Back Sailors – I’ll Be There (Crimea X Remix) 06:51
2. Luca Baldini – Hooked (Crimea X Remix) 06:50
3. Banjo Or Freakout – Upside Down (Crimea X Remix) 07:31
4. Dyno – Oceanica (Crimea X Remix) 06:40
5. A Classic Education – Devilish Coasts Sway (Crimea X Remix) 04:00
6. Bjorn Torske – Slitte Sko (Crimea X Remix) 08:18
7. Holiday in Arabia – Helenium 06:35
8. Enzo Elia & Spy – Santo (Crimea X Remix) 06:16
9. Bremen – Anoasa (Crimea X Remix) 05:22
10. The Dark Esquire – Situation (Crimea X Remix) 06:38
11. Florian Meindl feat. Jukka Reverberi – Pictures 07:54
12. Velferd – The Aspens Turning Gold (Crimea X Beatless Remix) 06:59
13. Ajello feat. Fred Ventura – My Rhythm (Crimea X Remix) 06:21


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