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D.In.Ge.Cc.O – Linear Burns [Waste Noise] (2020)


What does “Linear Burns” mean? It is a sound representation of our present, our recent past, but also our near future: Images, places, atmospheres, flavors, sounds of the world take shape and are capable of transporting the listener to their own inner universe.

This is the starting point of D.In.Ge.Cc.O, which through sheer sound eclecticism, leads us to new places, as we are used to. But on “Linear Burns” he goes further, with a series of more intimate and atmospheric tracks. Rare and distorted sounds fit into complex musical structures but manage, immediately, to involve the listener in an enveloping musical universe, desperate and at the same time full of hope.

Linear Burns was born with the presumption of being the representation of a unique imaginary of its kind, a vision with multiple facets, a journey in search of its own and completely new musical identity. It is a vision that we never perceive as alien or self-referential, no matter how particular it may seem, but rather familiar, well anchored to our recent past and the present that we are living. Altogether, it is an album conceived as an encounter, but also, as a journey through different parts of the world, it is full of dark and hypnotic sounds and counterpunched with overwhelming rhythms. And it is that, in the face of a musical panorama that tends towards uniformity, this album is presented as a collection of themes, not of DJ tools, but of tracks that work the same at home as in a club. Topics that take us beyond the known, embracing the mystery, a darkness yet to be discovered.

The result of this “Linear Burns” is very personal, and manages to unleash a feeling that is sometimes disconcerting, familiar and welcoming at the same time, that marks the end of a stage and the beginning of a label, which has never ceased to amaze us and bet on artists capable of questioning, like few others, the established. A delight only suitable for music lovers.



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