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Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Kachiri Remix EP [Nein Records] (2015)


Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, 2 veterans, 2 masters of music disco, cosmic, in 2011 and by the hands of the British label Nang Records began this collaboration between the italian Dj and producer Daniele Baldelli, pioneer in sounds of cosmic disco in the 70s, and another Italian master of the disco music, the dj and producer of Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca, a man of countless projects such as Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique or Supersonic Lovers among many others, a collaboration that culminated in the shining album ‘Podalirius’ (Nang Records, 2012), and last summer came to imprint of Is It Balearic..? Recordings (run by Coyote) with the release of a new EP, 3 original compositions and a remix of the British producer of Ray Mang, and this last January they published new EP on the british label of Nein Records (run by Tronik Youth), an EP that was composed of 3 original cuts and a remix by Tronik Youth, and recently in the compilation of Nein Records (Nein Oh Nein) included 2 new remixes of this wonderful EP, on the one hand for the track of ‘Pink Ghost’ with a remix by Jamie Paton called ‘Bassic dub’ and for the track of ‘Kachiri’ with the duo of Gemini Brothers, and come the summer, a new pack of remixes for the compositions of Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca arrives in Nein Records, 6 new remixes from recognised international producers, starting this pack of remixes from France with Ivan Smagghe, then travel to Denmark with Kasper Bjørke and fly to Berlin with the British producer of Man Power, and then go to UK with Jamie Paton (half of of Cage & Aviary) and Craig Bratley, and end the travel in San Sebastian with the duo of The Two Mamarrachos aka T2MM (Dr. Beat From San Sebastian aka Jaime Sagastibeltza and Borja Campion).

This new pack of remixes for Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca on Nein Records opens with the remix from Ivan Smagghe for the cut of ‘Kachiri’ and called ‘Crossed Edit’, a remix in which transforms the original composition, impregnating the remix of mystery, giving a constant twists on the remix, a hypnotic percussion and full details like Ivan can give to his work; meanwhile, the Kasper Bjørke remix for ‘Volupia’ with the sound of water and a more tropical arrangements to meet with the cosmic spirit of the original, making the remix in a fresh cut for the summer, to dance on the beach or in the pool; Man Power presents his remix for the cut of ‘Pink Ghost’, a remix called ‘One More Week Mix’ and again with a demonstratation of the excellent quality of this mysterious producer, he propose a trip of 10 minutes with quiet, gentle rhythms, with deep bassline, a constant crescendo, bright percussion, a cosmic trip to distant galaxies, delightful remix to fly far; Jamie Paton remix for ‘Pink Ghost’ with other cosmic trip, 8 minutes, great bassline, magic synth chords, a cosmic trip through the dark, hypnotic and deep; Craig Bratley remix for ‘Kachiri’ with the spirit of the dance floor, a remix with the collaboration Duncan Gray aka Tici Taci playing guitar and bass, with strong percussion and synthesizers, to take us to a cosmic dance in a club from another galaxy; and completing the pack with The Two Mamarrachos and their remix for ‘Pink Ghost’, a remix in which over 11 minutes permeate the remix with a funky bass, an almost tribal percussion with delicate and magical synthesizers, for sign this funky cosmic odyssey.

Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Kachiri Remix EP [Nein Records NEIN021] (29 June, 2015)
1 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Kachiri (Ivan Smagghe Crossed Edit) 4:38
2 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Volupia (Kasper Bjorke Mix) 5:43
3 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Pink Ghost (Man Powers ‘One More Week Mix’) 10:08
4 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Pink Ghost (Jamie Paton Mix) 8:03
5 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Kachiri (Craig Bratley Mix) 5:42
6 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Pink Ghost (Two Mamarrachos Mix) 10:52


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