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Danton Eeprom feat Birkii – Biscotto & Chimpanzee (Remixes) [InFine iF2057] (2014)


The French producer Danton Eeprom aka Julien Brambilla has already prepared the launch of what will be his second album for the French label InFine after his debut album in 2009 with ‘Yes Is More’ album, the new album coming out in February and called ‘ If Looks Could Kill “and as a preview of it, today ‘s Infine label publishes the first single of it, the track ‘Biscotto & Chimpanzee’ featuring the singer Birkii (Kitsuné) with a vocal duet with Danton, a track with much flavor pop and orchestral arrangements, and to accompany this single presentation, 3 very different remixes each other, to begin with the excellent Canadian producer of Jake Fairley aka Fairmont with a wonderful instrumental reconstruction of the track, more than 7 minutes of analog synths with touches psychedelic and totally hypnotic, killer remix; another of the excellent remixes comes by the hand of the mysterious Man Power, one of the novelties of this year, will soon make its debut, with a dark, slow, analog synths and steady instrumental remix full of mystery, killer remix, delicious over 8 minutes, and to complete the pack, with the remix of Cristal, bubbly and mysterious remix with vocal effects that completely transform and a calm and relaxed rhythms.

Danton Eeprom – Biscotto & Chimpanzee (Cristal Remix) – FREE DOWNLOAD


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