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Danton Eeprom – Kissing In The Traffic EP [Souvenir Music] (2014)


The french producer and resident in London of Danton Eeprom, and with his own record label, Fondation Records, after releasing his second album in the French label of Infiné Music, and this year with Pete Herbert arrived at Marseille imprint of La Dame Noir Records, and to close this year 2014, reaching the German label owned by the duo of brothers of Tiefschwarz, Souvenir Music with new EP, 3 new compositions, long compositions, between 9 and more than 10 minutes each, where he explore and runs sounds more for a club, more house music, a few tracks that lead us to memory good weather, the beach, music to dance relaxed, thus opens this EP with ‘Kissing In The Traffic’ with dreamy melodies and soothing, soft and delicious, followed by ‘All The Cats In The Sky’, with some vocals more deep and detailed arrangements that lead us to those magical soundscapes that transmit Danton, and completing the EP with more than 10 minutes of ‘The Butcher’s Daughter’, the track with a sound more for a club, choppy voices and most hypnotic sounds.

Danton Eeprom – Kissing In The Traffic [Souvenir Music SOUVENIR068] (22 December, 2014) Buy @ Beatport
1 Danton Eeprom – Kissing In The Traffic 09:16
2 Danton Eeprom – All The Cats In The Sky 08:54
3 Danton Eeprom – The Butcher’s Daughter 10:22


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