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Danza Macabra – In For It EP [Danza Macabra Records] (2014)


The duo based in Berlin of Danza Macabra (Edin Cuturic & Martin Rojnik) this week published 2 new compositions for their own label of Danza Macabra Records, an EP that opens with ‘In For It’ with the collaboration of the Croatian vocalist of Diyala, which incorporates his seductive voice to the melancholy of the composition, deep and dark, a mysterious composition and captivating; which is accompanied by the instrumental ‘Don’t Forget Tomorrow’ more hypnotic and sequenced synthesizers, and that leads us to a more cinematic and mental journey.

Danza Macabra – In For It EP [Danza Macabra Records DMR017] (2014-11-10) Buy @ Beatport
1 Danza Macabra – In For It feat. Diyala (Original Mix) 7:32
2 Danza Macabra – Don’t Forget Tomorrow (Original Mix) 7:38


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