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Danza Macabra – In For It Recomposed [Danza Macabra Records] (2015)


The duo with Slovenian origin and residents in Berlin of Danza Macabra (Edin Cuturic & Martin Rojnik) founded his own record label of Danza Macabra Records in 2010, a label that has been output to their compositions, as well as other artists such as Richard Davis, Patrick Zigon or Hatikvah, a label in that last November published an EP with 2 compositions from Danza Macabra, one of which featuring the croatian singer of Diyala, ‘In For It’, which incorporated her deep and seductive voice to melancholic melodies created by the duo, and now the EP has continued in the form of remixes for such collaboration, the reference number 19 of the label, 2 new remixes, the first signed by the veteran and acclaimed British producer of Mathew Herbert and the second by the British producer and resident in Berlin of Richard Davis, who last March singing in the previous EP of Danza Macabra ‘Standstill EP’.

This new pack of remixes to Danza Macabra opens with Mathew Herbert remix with 8 minutes that completely transforming the original composition, using 80% of the original and re-edit it completely, making those games much like Matthew Herbert and keeping the main vocal phrase of Diyala and use them in repetitive mode, creating a completely different song, nervous, funny hypnotic and seductive. For his part, Richard Davis with the remix to Danza Macabra, add some darker atmospheres, with tweaks in the vocal parts and a danceable rhythms. And closing the EP with the original version of ‘In For It’.

Danza Macabra – In For It Recomposed [Danza Macabra Records DMR019] (20 April 2015)
1 Danza Macabra – In For It feat. Diyala (Matthew Herbert’s For It Mix) 8:15
2 Danza Macabra – In For It feat. Diyala (Richard Davis Remix) 7:00
3 Danza Macabra – In For It feat. Diyala (Original Mix) 7:32


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