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Danza Macabra – Standstill EP feat. Richard Davis [Danza Macabra Records] (2015)


The duo based in Berlin of Danza Macabra (Edin Cuturic & Martin Rojnik) already has their new EP, their first EP of this 2015, as usual in their own imprint of Danza Macabra Records, under the ‘Standstill EP’ are included 2 tracks, one of them with a regular collaborator of the duo, the British Richard Davis to put his voice, and a remix; opening the EP with ‘Standstill’ featuring Richard Davis, a composition for which it has been recorded a promotional video, a composition in which mix those electronic rhythms of the duo, dark, mysterious, strange and hypnotic atmospheres along with the recitation of Richard Davis, track accompanying remix of the resident at the Paronama Bar of Oskar Offermann, up the tempo, and giving it to remix a sound powerful and forceful for the club, keeping the mystery of the original, with tweaks in the vocal parts; an EP which is complemented by ‘Matirx’, with a bass that is managing the elements that are joining the composition, advancing in the dark of night with much mystery.

Danza Macabra – Standstill feat. Richard Davis EP [Danza Macabra Records DMR018] (2 March, 2015) Buy @ Beatport
1 Danza Macabra – Standstill (Original Mix) 7:11
2 Danza Macabra – Standstill (Oskar Offermann Remix) 6:07
3 Danza Macabra – Matrix (Original Mix) 7:17


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