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Dark Strands – Exiles Of Fortune EP [Clouded Vision Recordings CLOUDED 018] (2014)


Another killer Monday EP, the British label run by Matt Walsh of Clouded Vision today released an excellent new EP by producer form Leeds of Dark Strands, who debuted last summer on the label of Stripped Off and this year a vinyl for the label Magic Feet and now comes with this ‘Exiles of Fortune’ with a new demonstration of the excellent quality of this producer, slow, space and cosmic rhythms played brilliantly with analog instrumentation, 3 tracks, 3 amazing tracks, one remix and one acid mix: opening the same with the dizzying and brutal ‘Exiles of Fortune’ a trip to another galaxy, synthesizers, drum machines all in spacecraft of Dark Strands to take this flight; ‘A Space Oddity’ with a nervous intro that goes calming as forward the track to incorporate a lot of mystery in the track, epic moments; and ‘Basic Condition’ with almost 10 minutes of galactic odyssey, space travel, and completing the pack with the remix for ‘Basic Condition’ of Few Folder, increasing the tempo of the track , with more nervous and dark, and to the dance floor; and this same track in a more psychedelic and lysergic version, the 9 minutes of ‘Acid Mix’, amazing release.

Dark Strands – Basic Condition (Acid Mix) Free Download via Mixmag

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