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daWad & Mokic – MetroSexual EP [Play Pal Music] (2015)


Last April and on the British label of Nein Records (run by Tronik Youth) presented from Marseille the debut of the duo of daWad & Mokic, 2 producers who also own their own record labels, daWad managing IRM Records since it was founded in 2009, and Mokic aka Gabriel managing The Exquisite Pain Recordings since it was founded in 2011, 2 labels based in Marseille, a project that debuted with 2 original cuts and remixes from Teniente Castillo (boss on Play Pal Music ), The Two Fantoches (Jaime Sagastibeltza & Borja Campion) and Dynamicron (boss on Los Grandes, Our Nights Recordings); their second EP was published last may on the British label of Clouded Vision Recordings (run by Matt Walsh), and again with 2 new tracks and remixes from Hardway Bros aka Sean Johnston and Mijo aka La Royale aka Yesco aka Alec Sander & Max Jones; and in June published their third EP, on the British label of Tici Taci (run by Duncan Gray) with 2 new original cuts and the colaboration of tRäFsh in one of the tracks, and recently, they signed a remix to Freudenthal in Nein Records; and now comes their fourth EP from daWad & Mokic, ‘MetroSexual EP’, a new EP that comes from the label from Madrid of Play Pal Music (run by Teniente Castillo) and which includes 2 original cuts, one of them in collaboration with another producer from Marseille, Amevicious, 2 tracks that are complemented with 4 remixes, the first comes from UK with the Nein Records label boss, the dj and producer of Tronik Youth aka Neil Parnell, the second, from Bucharest with the duo of brothers of Gemini Brothers, the third from Croatia with Squarewave and the fourth with the french dj and producer of Damon Jee.

The Reference number 9 on the label of Play Pal Music with the duo of daWad & Mokic opens with 2 original mixes, first with the track called ‘MetroSexual’ with its hypnotic 6 and dark minutes, nervous and electrifying rhythms which trap and captivate in the midst of mysterious night; the second cut, ‘Eat Me’ signed with the collaboration of Amevicious, up the tempo, relentless, threatening, paced with some more cosmic synths, mystery and intrigue roam on abandoned landscapes.

For the remixes, first with Tronik Youth and his remix of the cut ‘Metrosexual’, increasing darkness and hypnotism with the remix, a few synthesizers more dirty and forceful sound; cut which is also remixed by Squarewave, by reducing even more the tempo of the cut, and offering a very dark and mysterious cosmic trip into unexplored and unknown galaxies. For the other track of ‘Eat Me’, the first remix comes from the duo of Gemini Brothers, up the tempo of the cut, and with a pace with more tension, leading the darkness at the center of the dance floor, full of energy and claw, and finally the remix of Damon Jee with more than 7 minutes of dark remix, epic, with a remarkable development, full of tension, bright and magical remix progression.

daWad & Mokic – MetroSexual EP [Play Pal Music PP 009] (25 September, 2015)
1 daWad & Mokic – MetroSexual (original mix) 06:04
2 daWad & Mokic – Eat Me (feat Amevicious – original mix) 06:58
3 daWad & Mokic – MetroSexual (Tronik Youth remix) 06:04
4 daWad & Mokic – Eat Me (Gemini Brothers remix) 06:52
5 daWad & Mokic – MetroSexual (Squarewave remix) 05:50
6 daWad & Mokic – Eat Me (Damon Jee remix) 07:39

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