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Dj Pierre – Save Our World [Deeplay Music DD001] (2013)

Swedish Deep Hosue label Deeplay Music (DM) re-launch with a new branding. Deeplay Digital will continue the musical path where DM stopped in 2010.
Because we simply couldn’t stand being out of the music scene any longer, Deeplay Music is re-launching after three years in hibernation. We have been prompted into this decision because we got so many emails from our fans asking, ”what happened to Deeplay? Why is Deeplay not releasing anything? We miss the quality stuff you put out!” All this made us think, OK, let’s start the action again, put out quality deep/tech house and do what we did so well over the ten years we were in action. As such, we re-named ourselves Deeplay Digital to mark at he start of this new era and our arrival in the digital domain.
The first release, Save Our World, is from Chicago acid house legend DJ Pierre. Remixes comes from Moodmusic boss and Berlin based talent Sasse, as well as Alec Sonite, an up and coming artist from Sweden who was licenced to Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself compilation, and of course one from the boss himself, Martin Brodin. The second release is from Paris’ Queen Club resident, Dan Marciano, with an EP that offers two epic deep house tracks.We have also planned some oldies from the legendary Mike Dunn and Romanthony complete with new remixes. Keep an extra eye out for these plus plenty more from the crème de la crème of today’s deep/tech house scene.DEEPLAY 2001-2010
When we started Deeplay Music, our main mission was to release good quality deep house music produced in Scandinavia. During its birth, there were, and still are, many talented artists and producers that never had the opportunity to have their work released on a record label. We decided to change that revolving cycle and Deeplay Music was launched Winter 2001.Once the label was launched we instantly got worldwide recognition by DJs and the press. With such global interest, we decided to change our emphasis on only signing Scandinavia based artists, largely based on the countless demos sent to us. Deeplay’s profile from the beginning was to present quality, not only with the music and remixers, but also artwork and the whole image.The first artist signed to Deeplay Music was Physics, the Swedish duo of Mikael Surdi & Torbjörn Olsson. Their unique blend of different musical genres set the standard for what was to come on future releases by Deeplay. In terms of musicality, we would like to say they were in a class by themselves and we went on to release 10 singles and 2 albums with the lads.

Dalminjo, the Norwegian youngster (at that time), was our second signing. He became a well-known name in the Nu-Jazz/Broken Beat scene and later on the Deep House scene and so we were happy to release 7 singles and 2 albums with him.
Other artists that featured on the label over the years, either as an artist or remixer, include Jay-J, Martinez, Terry Lee Brown Jr, John Dahlbäck, S.U.M.O, Rocco, Grant Nelson, Jeff Bennett, Jask, Markus Enochsson, Rurals, Fresh & Low and Håkan Lidbo

Deeplay licensed their music to over 500 compilations worldwide, including Café del Mar, Hotel Costes, various Ministry Of Sound and countless special branding releases. We also featured in various commercials and films and so would like to think we really left our mark.

Dj Pierre – Save Our World [Deeplay Music DD001] (19 August 2013) Pre-Order @ Juno
1 Save Our World 07:10
2 Save Our World (Sasse remix) 08:48
3 Save Our World (Sasse acid dub) 07:56
4 Save Our World (Martin Brodin remix) 06:39
5 Save Our World (Alec Sonite remix) 07:14


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