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Disco Doubles feat. D’mia – Demons/Darshan Jesrani Mixes [Still Fizzy Records/Permanent Vacation] (2013)


The Italian duo of Disco Doubles [Gilberto Caleffi (aka G-CLEF) WITH Erio Simonini (aka Erio)] recently debuted with a wonderful EP for the label No Static Recordings (Nang) and now comes the sequel, for which they received collaboration of singer D’mia (Damiana Pennington) and DJ Rocca in the mixes, an EP that has been published in 2 parts, each part to a different label, the first with 2 original tracks, ‘Demons’ and ‘Subtracting You ‘and the Club version of’ Demons’, with sound directly aimed at the dance floor, with the voice of D’mia dominate the composition, and published by Still Fizzy Records label; and for the 2nd part (excellent ) has had the great label of Permanent Vacation for the publication of the remixes by Darshan Jesrani (co-founder of Metro Area), a master, with 2 versions of the remix, the Roast Roast Mix and Dub, with a wonderful bass line and added those analog sounds, transformed completely original tracks with a new wonderful result.

Disco Doubles feat. D’mia – Demons [Still Fizzy Records SFZ 012] (11 March, 2013) Buy @ Juno
1 Demons (original version) 04:37
2 Demons (club mix) 07:58
3 Subtracting You 03:17

Disco Doubles feat. D’mia – Demons (Darshan Jesrani Mixes) [Permanent Vacation PERMVAC 104-1] (2013-03-29) Buy @ Beatport
1 Demons (Darshan Jesrani Spit-Roast mix) 08:16
2 Demons (Darshan Jesrani Spit-Roast dub) 08:08


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