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Discorror Volume 4 [Disque Discos DISCORROR 4] (2014)


The new reference on lebael from Mexico Disque Discos (Electrique Music) for Halloween comes to full, six tracks where meet artists such as Fabrizio Mammerella, Rodion or Gameboyz among others mexican producers. The first cut is in from Fabrizio Mammarella, a track with hypnotic disco sound, with a some drums very strong, creating a perfect atmosphere for open track. The following are the people from Badajoz of Gameboyz with their “Terror in Badajoz”, a composition very organic with a lot of force, as these guys, we are accustomed with a vocals from beyond the grave, and those galactic arrangements make it a key piece of this EP. The third cut is from Theus Mago aka Bufi, is a composition with a much darker tone and more techno to which we are accustomed, “Calaverablaster” is a perfect track to reclaim the dancefloor. The fourth cut “Barbados barbarism” signed by Rodion, at one pace more slow creates a very futuristic and mysterious atmosphere. Mijo & Macaulay with “El Coco” are responsible for putting the madness to the EP with a track much more for the dancefloor than previous ones where you can breathe the horrordisco from the first beat. The last court is from Niño de Oro, and is the track more disco and more melodic than the previous ones, where a pianos in key house and a catchy bass lead us to the ecstasy of the dancefloor.

Discorror Volume 4 [Disque Discos DISCORROR 4] (31 October, 2014] Buy @ Juno
1 Fabrizio Mammarella – Footsteps 06:55
2 Gameboyz – Terror En Badajoz 05:55
3 Theus Mago – Calaverablaster 07:14
4 Rodion – Barbarie Barbados 06:46
5 Mijo & Macaulay – El Coco 05:40
6 Niño De Oro – Basilisco Au Vin 04:00


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