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DJ Rocca feat. Daniele Baldelli – The Marco Tardelli EP [Rothmans](2016)


In the late 1970s, Rothmans cigarette brand launched a special series which used the image of great players like Diego Maradona, Daniel Passarella, Kempes Mario or Alberto Tarantini.

A few years ago a curious character who calls himself Rothmans decided to use them as inspiration to release a limited edition 180 gram vinyl.

For the new release, the image and name correspond to Marco Tardelli the Italian footballer.

This first release of 2016 counts on a true master of disco music, the DJ and producer Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca, who began producing his own tracks in the late 90`s. He has released on labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Compost, Gomma or International Feel, also part of other projects like Ajello, Supersonic Lovers y Crimea X. Among the list of big names with he has collaborated are included, Oliver Koletzki, Luke Solomon, Blaze, Isolee, Pete Herbert, Bjorn Torske, or Chris Coco.

The first cut of this Marco Tardelli EP is “Kratos” a magical and pleasant journey synth-funk sound with touches typical of Italo Disco sounds. It makes us move the head from the first second.

The second cut called “400 funk” continues the line of Kratos. It’s able to hypnotize withouth exceeding 112 bpm but this time with darker sounds.

Finally, with a clear shift toward the dance floor, we find the Electropsychomix version of the track “Kratos”. The veteran Daniele Baldelli, another great master of the genre, is in charge of this great remixing who had collaborated with DJ Rocca in several releases through seals Nein Records, Nang Records or Is It Balearic ..?.

This is a strongly recommended EP that promises to mark a new beginning for this series of great stars of dance music.

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