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Docteur Satan – Docteur Satan EP [I’m A Cliche] (2015)


The French artist of Krikor Kouchian, debuted under the alias of Krikor in 1998, and over these 17 years that have passed, and formed other projects, his most recent project with Chloe of Plein Soleil, or his other solo project, which in recent years has devoted more efforts of Crackboy, having published during this years on labels as 20000st Tigersushi, Kill The DJ Records, or I’m A Cliché, always showing a musical eclecticism, as well as extensive musical knowledge, and now just start a new project, Docteur Satan, a new project that his debut occurs in French imprint of I’m A Cliché (run by Cosmo Vitelli), a project which seeks to pay tribute, tribute to the Belgium sound of New Beat, a sound that came at the end of the 80s to Belgium, creating a characteristic sound of the country, and a countless number of artists who joined this sound and triumphed in the underground clubs on Europe. This new project of Docteur Satan is presented with his debut EP with 3 original compositions accompanied by a remix by one of the greatest discoveries of the label I’m A Cliche, the duo of Tel Aviv of Red Axes, Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi.

The debut of this new project of Docteur Satan on I’m A Cliché opens with ‘Entity’ with a pulsating, dizzying and hectic rhythm, with a vocal samples, rave touches, and all the classic elements of old school, devilishly hellish for the dancefloor, to put on-fire the crowd on the dancefloor, crazy people dancing wildly, track that accompanies by Red Axes remix, with another new excellent demonstration of quality of this duo, transforming completely original, with a organic percussions, a great bassline, minimizing the elements of the original, a gradual development, in which print tension and everything you need to update the New Beat sound today, great remix. And completing the EP with other 2 original cuts, ‘(666) 361-6794’, a more forceful, hard, cut without concessions to the wee hours of the night in an underground club and sweaty public dancing as if they were possessed by Satan, and closing the EP with ‘The Operator’, on this occasion, Docteur Satan offers us a different vision, a slow tempo, including dialogue samples, a totally hypnotic bassline, metal percussion, and a touch of acid, brilliant cut to perform the ritual of the dance by the Docteur Satan.

Docteur Satan – Docteur Satan EP [I’m A Cliche CLICHE061] (1 June, 2015)
1 Docteur Satan – Entity (Original Mix) 5:22
2 Docteur Satan – (666) 361-6794 (Original Mix) 5:47
3 Docteur Satan – Entity (Red Axes Remix) 6:10
4 Docteur Satan – The Operator (Original Mix) 5:44

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