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Dorsia – Ghana [Loft Records LOFT002] (2014)


British imprint LOFT Records this month published their second reference, after the success of their first release, a split EP with Ejeca and Citizen, comes this second reference (now on sale the vinyl edition, and on March 17 the digital) with ythe debut of the British duo Dorsia (Adam Reid & Andy Watson) , a debut of these two artists individually make their own productions, and now have joined forces with this new project, a track called ‘Ghana’ with an orientation to the new British house, bassline driving the track, a sweet and soft voice to sound on the dance floor, and accompanying the track, three remixes, from Sweden with producer HNNY (Let ‘s Play House / Local Talk) with the boldest remix pack, an elegantly transforms the track and eliminates the vocals, great remix; from London with producer Jay Shepheard (Retrofit) with a house remix, with the power bassline, and a danceable rhythm; and to complete the pack with Finnish producer of Roberto Rodriguez (Serenades) with a remix a little more deep, powerful bass with more than 7 minutes and remix.

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