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Duncan Gray – Promise EP [Rock To The Beat Records] (2015)


New getaway from his home of Tici Taci of the excellent British producer and multi-instrumentalist Duncan Gray, something increasingly common on this great artist and the greater recognition that is receiving, if his first publication outside of his own record label of Tici Taci was participation in the veteran Belgian label of Eskimo Recordings in the compiled ‘The Green Collection’ of last year, this January came his collaboration with the trio of Badajoz of Gameboyz for the Swiss Relish Recordings, in February signed an EP for the british Nein Records, in March participated of the debut of the new Japanese label ‘Blindetonation Compilation 01’ and more recently in the compilation of the label from Madrid of Play Pal Music, and one track on the compiled ‘Nein Oh Nein’ on Nein Records, and this month of August signed an excellent new EP for the label Play Pal Music, and now does so for the French label with headquarters in the city of Montpellier of Rock To The Beat Records, a label run by Noar Wald, Steve Ekman and Markus Gibb founded in 2011, and that with Duncan Gray and his ‘Promise EP’ becomes the reference number 20, a new EP which includes 3 original cuts of Duncan Gray, 3 brilliant trcks of this great artist, tracks that are complemented with 2 remixes, first with the Mexican artist and currently resident in Barcelona of Lokier aka Yoan Lokier, a young artist who is in on-fire since last summer signed an EP for the label of ViAAL_Rec has already left her mark on labels such as La dame Noir Records, Blindetonation, Days Of Being Wild, Nein Records or HAKT Recordings, and recent, alongside Morgan Hammer form the duo of She Made Monster; and the other remix comes signed by the founder of the label, the French artist of Steve Ekman, who apart from sign EPs and remxies on his own label, also participated in labels such as A-Traction Records or Stop! Waiting Records.

This new reference on the Rock To The Beat Records with Duncan Gray opens with the 3 original mixes, first with the dark cut called ‘Promise’, with its usual with a slow tempo and more than 7 minutes from cosmic trip with reverberations in the bassline, galactic synths and paced hypnotic for delving into the darkness of the galaxies; the second cut, ‘Copper Bolt’, leads to more than 8 minutes, one of the brightest Duncan tracks, which meets the cosmic and galactic synths with guitars more psychedelic to creating a brilliant epic cut, to make us fly very far; and the third original cut, ‘Actor’, leads to a sound somewhat more retro-futuristic, a more cinematic composition, from a horror or mystery film, a cut full of darkness and mystery, an apocalyptic future, energetic and bubbly bassline, strange sounds that go through the composition and cosmic synthesizers. 3 Amazing tracks.

For the remixes, first with Lokier and her remix for ‘Copper Bolt’, raising the tempo of the original, adding some icy and mysterious voices, as well as tension, distorted sounds, all increasing the darkness of the track. Meanwhile, Steve Ekman an a remix for ‘Promise’, also ups the tempo of the cut and gives it a higher energy, a sound more psychotropic and somewhat more disco, wreathed in mystery throughout the remix.

Duncan Gray – Promise EP [Rock To The Beat Records RTTB020] (24 August, 2015)
1 Duncan Gray – Promise (original mix) 07:19
2 Duncan Gray – Copper Bolt (original mix) 08:18
3 Duncan Gray – Actor (original mix) 06:24
4 Duncan Gray – Copper Bolt (Lokier remix) 06:25
5 Duncan Gray – Promise (Steve Ekman remix) 05:40


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