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Duncan Gray/Mr Cogs – Scramble [Tici Taci Ticitaci013] (2014)


Celebrating the first year, the label run by producer Duncan Gray, Tici Taci, a label created from this great and excellent producer on the return to music, and so far has published 12 EPs, always with a characteristic and special sound, slow tempos, cosmic and galactic sounds, and to celebrate this anniversary in the label, next Monday 20 October published a compilation of remixes by different producers for the compositions of Duncan Gray or his other alias of Mr Cogs, a total of 9 remixes, a remixes that give new life and new sounds to his compositions, starting with Kieran Holden, from the English collective of Upstairs Downstairs and his remix for ‘Electric Plum’ with these cosmic atmospheres and a new fresh arrangements, with almost 8 minutes of hypnotic and trippy dance, continuing with a veteran like Tim Dorney (Flowered Up/Republica/Sonic Weekend) and the remix for ‘Lychee’ by adding a Theremin and a live drum to give a completely psychedelic and cosmic style throughout almost 9 minutes; and another veteran as it is Red Snapper and the remix for ‘Peach’ adding afro elements, such as the voices and percussion by Rich Thair, an exotic remix; from Ireland with the duo’s Future Bones and the remix to ‘Peach’, 7 great minutes of remix, perfect for the dance floor, addictive remix; from mexico with Sequencers and his remix for ‘Deep Blue’ and Rich Lane to ‘Chugboat’, 2 remixes that were released in the label last June; from the Australia with the duo of Somerville & Wilson remixing ‘Cogs’ by Mr Cogs, with 8 minutes of rhythms electrifying to dance, and from France with the duo of Club Bizarre and the remix to ‘Slidden’, an excellent remix of 9 minutes, in which Club Bizarre again demonstrate their great quality when their comes to make remixes and compositions, with a progression and development of the changing and vibrant, mysterious and dark remix; and completing the compilation, with the trio from Badajoz of Gameboyz and the remix to ‘Mystery Footwear’ by Mr Cogs, providing that touch more hooligan, rabble, raising the tempo of the same, brutal.

Duncan Gray / Mr Cogs – Scramble [Tici Taci TICITACI013] (20 October, 2014)
01 Electric Plum (Kieran Holden’s Quito mix)
02 Lychee (Tim Dorney remix)
03 Peach (Red Snapper remix)
04 Peach (Future Bones remix)
05 Deep Blue (Sequencers remix)
06 Chugboat (Rich Lane remix)
07 Cogs (Somerville & Wilson remix)
08 Slidden (Club Bizarre remix)
09 Mystery Footwear (Gameboyz Remix)

Pre-Order @ Juno (Release: October 20th 2014)


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