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Dynamicron / Exclusive Edit & Top-10 [Noviembre 2012]


And we continue with gifts for the blog, based in Madrid, and was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the DJ and producer Dynamicron aka Roberto Marrero, a specialist renowned worldwide, edit brings us a very special, a whole hit of 1976, Jon English and ‘Hollywood 7’ edit marvels, a huge gift of this great producer and label owner Los Grandes, great track, great edit …..

Hollywood Seven (Dynamicron Edit) Free Download

And accompanying this fantastic edit, a Top-10 chart:
1. Avanti – Funk Me Till The End (Gazeebo International)
2. Ben La Desh – Motion (Sleazy Beats)
3. Rhythm Operator – Back In The Days (Heion Dub) (Dancefloor Encounters )
4. This Is A Recording & Dave Robinson – Red Giant (Gazeebo International)
5. Future Feelings – Drive (Tickle Sound)
6. Mushrooms Project – Fly Away (Grey Eyes) (40 Thieves remix) (Leng)
7. Luminodisco – Dinossa (Danny Was A Drag King)
8. Saalim ft. Hannah Mancini -Time Flies (Duff Disco remix) (Bored Audio)
9. DJ Steef – Nocturne (Toy Tonics)
10. The Project Club – Field Of Dreams (Lexx remix) (Above Machine)


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