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Edit Select & Teste – The Rewipes [Edit Select] (2014)


The Wipe” by Teste no needs introduction, just is one of the best ever made techno tracks.
Originally released in 1992 on the label Probe (sublabel of Plus 8) became a cult classic, a track that has inspired all those involved in the Techno community.

Tony Scott (Edit Select) had made an edit of the original just to play in their own dj sets, but after contact with David (Teste) decided to relaunch the edition with a new theme called “Ascend”, a collaboration between them involving the first test material in more than 20 years.

The result of the new approach of “The Wipe” by Edit Select is a pump for the dancefloor, which very much respects the original classic forms and develops it until almost nine minutes for the pure enjoyment of the staff.

Ascend” represents the reunion of Teste with high-flying techno, a minimalist and dark techno with a punch that scares.


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