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Interview & Mixtape Exclusive to Future Feelings (2012)


Future Feelings (aka Fernando Dimare), This new value is emerging in the Mexican scene with a special taste for retro sound synthesizers, high quality in their tracks published to date, and getting high-quality producers are remixing their songs (like Ilya Santana, Thomas Jackson, Dynamicron, Modulaire ….), we now have an interview with Fernando Dimare, he is great person and have an exclusive mixtape for us, with many tracks yet unpublished own …….. Great Fernando, Big Future Feelings ….

– An Argentine, based in Mexico, two countries that are more ‘On Fire’, musically speaking, at present, how you see the music scene in Mexico? Recently in Mexico are emerging many producers of high quality and interesting labels, sounding more and more of their own, what do you think it is because this situation?

Mexico’s Musical Scene has grown a lot in the past few years. The worldwide fast growing and the blog popping it’s unstoppable. I think it’s similar everywhere, but for some reason here you can find fine things you can’t find anywhere else.
In Argentina stuff comes directly from Europe. Here in Mexico stuff downs straight from the states previously filtered. Also use to happen that nobody’s prophet in their own land. Probably this’ have something to do with it.

– This new style look for the analog sounds, retro, search for the spirit of 80, how do you see it?

Naturally there’s has been given certain revivals in recent decades. I Can’t remember when it started, nor do I know when will finish.
I remember in the 90’s I have lived in a house where a friend collected over two thousand vinyls of various styles and artists from Soccio to Yazoo, from Moroder to Toto, from Boney M to Kim Wilde, from Soft Cell or Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Gary Numan. At that moment I couldn’t appreciate them, but I began to know the world of turntables and acetates. I think many times one doesn’t value today’s music and takes a few years to enjoy. I hope the future will not find us playing Spice Girls or Justin Bieber (laughs).

– What is your creative process for tracks?

I have input and output stages. Cycles where I listen tons of music (I love library music from the 70’s and ‘early synth age’), and then cycles where I’m just listening to what I’m currently working on or what colleagues shows me.
I like to stumble upon some old song or track that excites me to create a new original. Some ideas come from listening/imaging melodies in my head as I walk or go by bike and try to writedown them, some other times from the ‘sampling’ work they show up by themselves.

– What is your set?, With what tools that you work?

For this project I decided to use a set of instruments to conform a unique sound. That are always the same, to give a consistent context. I have a library that I have been cutting’ for several years and everyday gets bigger. I Use Minimoog, Prophet 5, the Obi 8, ARP2600, SH101, and can not miss the TR808.
I blend all that up in Ableton that’s where I feel more comfortable to develop both the work and the live show as well.

– Producer, remixer, DJ, Live? With that you feel more comfortable to express your music?

I’ve always been a ‘studio producer’ guy kind because is where I feel more comfortable. I don’t feel I’m a Dj,
although sometimes’ the only way for producers to make a showcase of their own music.
These days I’m playing a hybrid set in which I include both tracks from other artists, as my own original loops (audio/midi) and stems trying to create something original live from these elements.
I also feel very comfortable remixing and being able to express my views on the work of other artists.

– What would your influences in your music?

Since I can remember I like Funk. The root Funk, electro-boogie, everything that have breaks, and with wah and delay.
Recently, few years ago, I discovered library music made with synthesizers and tried to make a blend of both.
I could state that: Future = synths, cold stages / Feelings = warmy, funky, breaks.

– What new emerging artist you recommend us?

Del Strange (UK), Futurewife (US), Modulaire (MX), Iñigo (MX), Dan Solo (MX), y Thomass Jackson (AR) definitely.

– What are your future plans?

In the next few months some Ep’s and remixes will be released by different labels, I’ll play gigs based on the live set I’m currently finishing (will love to show up in Europe soon), and I definitely would love to record an album full of collabs from friends and colleagues.

– With a producer you would like to work? Or what artist you would like to do a remix of a track of you?

I definitely would love to stumble upon Todd Terje someday in this life.

A lot of thnaks to Fernando!!!!!

Exclusive Mixtape:

Future Feelings Exclusive August 2012 Mixtape for www.comolasgrecas.com by Future Feelings on Mixcloud

Future Feelings – Wicked (Thomass Jackson Remix) TBR
Zombies in Miami – Cosmos (Original Mix) TBR
Richard Rossa – Monochrome (Color Version)
Thomass Jackson – Walk on By (Mister Mistery Records)
Dan Solo vs. Iñigo – La Nueva Era TBR
Future Feelings – Odyssey (Ilya Santana’s Horror Disco Show Remix) TBR
Richard Rossa – Ex Statik
Del Strange – Don’t Lose Control (Faze Action edit) Faze Action
Future Feelings – Spark Disco TBR
Futurewife – Shake The Money (Future Feelings Remix) TBR
Future Feelings – Wicked (Modulaire’s Edit)
Sneaky Sound System – Friends (Plastic Plates Remix) Modular Records
Diamond Eyes – Beverly Hills (SIMØNE Remix) Neonized
U-Tern – U Don’t Know Me (Color vision edit)
Shooltzz – My 80’s TBR
Shooltzz – Strange Future TBR
Modulaire – Cashmere (Future Feelings Remix)


  1. Lo he leído entero y para ser honestos, me veo en la obligación de señalar que me ha encantado.
    ¡Buen trabajo!.


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