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Interview with Robi Insinna/Headman & Premiere Shift Work Remix (2015)


With a long trajectory of more than 15 years, the Swiss producer of Robi Insinna aka Headman in September of last year published its sixth album, ‘6’, on his own label Relish Recordings, an album that featured the participation of a great variety of artists to collaborate on it, and next March 30 released his third EP from that same album ‘6 EP III’, a new EP with new remixes and re-works of tracks from the album, on the occasion of this upcoming release, we have had an interview exclusive with Robi Insinna which is complemented by the presentation of one of this new remixes that will include in this new EP, the remix by the British duo of Shift Work (Optimo Music) for ‘Sleep Red! feat. Sam from Gramme’.

CLGHow would you define?, you’re producer, dj, you have your own record label, designer, artist… in which creative work is you more comfortable?

H / RI – As you say, I do all of the above. I like to do loads of different things. I’d say I’m an Artist more then anything. Depending on what media I work with I focus on that.
I don’t see my self as the classic Label, I just like to put stuff out.

CLGYour already take more than 15 years in the music scene, that your first album ‘It Rough’ (Gomma) until the ‘6’ (Relish), How do you see the evolution in your music? What differences have you found to work for another label to work in your own label?

H / RI – It Rough came out at the same time as Relish started. I think the concept is pretty much the same, the sound evolved and hopefully it got a bit refined. What changed for sure is the production and recording process. I released on various labels in the past. The main difference is that if I release it myself, I can control it better. That means it’s also more work on that side.

CLGHow did the idea of last album? An album that highlights the large number of collaborators who have worked, how is it working with so many artists?

H / RI – The idea was to work with friends and people I worked with release wise on Relish or on other projects. I wanted to collaborate more, not just use singers, as I always did, but have more input on the production and recording side. I asked a bunch of people and most of the tracks came about.

CLGAt Relish Recordings, you’ve always kept a commitment to new talents and underground sounds, How do you see the evolution of music in all these years?

H / RI – True, I was always interested in new talents. Or most of the times I was putting out tracks or remixes before the artists became more known. Although In the past there was also people that where already established. I just put something out if I like it.

CLGWith that Instrumentation (hardware/software) work for the composition? What is your favorite synth within from your collection and that can’t miss in your compositions?

H / RI – On 6 Album I used all my main synths: Jupiter 6, Moog Source, MS 10, Solina String Emsemble, some sounds with the DX7. I restricted myself to this, so I can’t use more.
I use software as well, once all is recorded.

CLGHaving launched numerous remixes to artists like The Gossip, Franz Ferdinand, Röyksopp… What is that you are more proud, or which never missing in your sets? And what of the remix that have done to you, that you are most proud?

H / RI – I think the best remix are when you really like the original. I’m proud of my Roxy Music mix, The Units, The Unknown Cases and at the Moment I’m working on Stephan Eicher, which hopefully I will be happy about. Most of the times I play the actual remixes in my sets. Usually I play my recently done remixes.

CLGHow do currently see the music and artistic world?, with the digital media (websites, blogs, soundcloud, bandcamp, Facebook, twitter…) and how do you think about the piracy in the music industry?

H / RI – It’s not an easy situation to produce and sell music, although I’m positive that some things are gonna change. Hopefully streaming will get bigger and more platforms are gonna come out. Especially platforms that give more to the artists. People are still also buying MP3s which seems that people still want to posses the music.
And on the physical side, I feel there’s always also a demand for 12” Vinyl and limited edition sound carrier mediums.

CLGWe you will see soon in Barcelona, on the event of Danceteria presenting your next EP, EP 6 III, how do you see the music scene in Spain? What can expect the public that goes to this Danceteria?

H / RI – I think Spain had always one of the best club scenes in Europe and I always liked to play in Spain. There are also loads of great DJs and producers.
People who will come to Danceteria can expect loads of Interesting Club orientated Music!

CLGAnd the last one, is about his role as a graphic designer, I know that you make the artworks of your albums, and we’d like to know more about your role as a designer/artist (references, styles, etc)

H / RI – I studied Fine Arts, not Graphic design, so I don’t see myself as a graphic designer, although I do designs as well. But with the freedom of an Artist, no rules or restrictions from that side. Visually I get inspired by loads of things. At the moment my work is more screen print based. I love photo Books from the late 70’s and early 80’s.
I think that is reflected loads in my Visuals, also Music references are very strong in my Visuals. I love to cite Bands or things that inspired me. Also movies are a big influence, especially when I work on my Videos. I try to put some of my inspiration in there as well. For example in the “Work” Video I tried to have some Antonioni inspired shots.

Roni Insinna // Headman

Relish Recordings

Saturday March 28 at Lolita (Razzmatazz), Barcelona

Interview by German MT & Moo Moonster

A lot of thanks to Robi Insinna, Relish Recordings and The Rest Is Noise (Angie)


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