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Interview with Royal Athlete (2015)


Recently launched a new record label, Royal Athlete based in Berlin, and directed by producers of Antoni Maiovvi and Vexkiddy, a new imprint with publications in vinyl and oriented to cosmic-italo-African-electrofunk-boogie music, with the label makers we had this interview, about the label, the current state of the music scene… very interesting interview

CLG – How would you introduce this new label Royal Athlete?

RA – Well royal athlete was born out of the night Antoni Maiovvi and Vexkiddy run in Berlin called ‘Hot Pony’. It’s like the club at the end of the universe you know? Like in some ‘Philip K Dick – Akira – THX1138’ future world where the sounds of old music are triumphed over some new form of digitally received brain control music. We’ve been doing it for over two years now with the premise being to keep it italo, boogie, cosmic, east coast electro and disco.

CLG – Which is the philosophy of the label?

RA – Being an extension of the night the label takes the essence of the those amazing 80’s genres and brings them up to ‘2030AD’ production standards. Classic ideas with a futurist slant, modern funk, boogie, future disco and italo.

CLG – On these days in which digital domain, how do you see the vinyl releases?

RA – We’ll we’re very much a supporter of both digital and vinyl, but vinyl has come back with a vengeance over the years. It comes down to the fact that people want a musical object, not a file that has no physical domain. Its like a book, a magazine, a table, an amazingly designed chair or a signed print in a frame. These things reflect a person and their values, something that a digital file that lives in a vacuum of zeros and ones just doesn’t do. Digital is great though and it serves its purpose of allowing us to listen and experience things instantly, the same goes with movies. A mix of both of these with regards to music is what is best going forward.

CLG – What do you think about the current situation with major labels, and general scene these days?

RA – Major labels.. not sure on this one, I mean what is major these days ? Warp ? 4AD ? They’re pretty major! Ultimately as long as there is artist support and development any label is a good label, just don’t let them fuck you with publishing rights and all that shit. We hold no rights to any of the tracks we put out, we just want to get them out to people and share this music we love so much.
That side of the industry we have almost nothing to do with, it doesn’t interest us, the internet means that any artist will be in a situation where his or her audience will find them. Everyone should have their own label and means of distribution, it’s a harder path for sure, but DIY all the way. Generally things are fine. It’s only the old guys who used to make money who are complaining, all the freaks who never got seriously paid, from what I see, are doing better than ever.

CLG – As a head of an independent label, how do piracy and illegal downloads affects music nowadays?

RA – We’ll our label is only really available on vinyl, we have a bandcamp where you can purchase the digitals for easy listening & djing, but we’re really tapping into the ‘musical object’ thing. We want our releases to be beautiful both musically and physically and something we hope people will treasure in the future.

CLG – How do you see the current social media to enhance your label to maximize the reach to the audience? (Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, etc,…)

RA – A Necessary Evil.

CLG – What’s next at Royal Athlete? Which releases are ready?

RA – So we have RAD002 & RAD003 lined up already, but we think we’ll keep the lineup secret for the time being, only to say that both Antoni Maiovvi and Vexkiddy appear on both the forth coming releases.

CLG – How did the label got founded? How’s the daily operation at RA?

RA – Vexkiddy fights corruption in the 3rd world with design fingers and Antoni Maiovvi runs another label (Giallo Disco) and at night fights crime on the streets of Old Detroit as a robot. In other words, it’s done via email and facebook and isn’t that exciting.

CLG – Which artists or crossover would you like to release?

RA – Oh THAT is Top Secret.

CLG – Why did you named the label as it is?

RA – The name Royal Athlete was inspired by our nights name ‘Hot Pony’. You might think its about horses but its not. The horse is merely a metaphor for the future, for strength, for perseverance, for jockey sluts, for the transcendence into ‘future other worldly beings’.

CLG – What do you think about the current revival of novelty formations that use a synth as main element on their productions?

RA – Kind of a misnomer, synths have been in tons of things since they were invented, we’d hardly call it a revival or a novelty. Disco never went away, at one point they called it house music, it’s just we can say disco again, cause disco is fucking rad.

CLG – What do you know about the musical scene on spain?

RA – Antoni Maiovvi lives in Madrid though doesn’t play much anymore since Nasti was closed, occasionally venturing out for the incredible Femur Club at Specka. There are tons of talented DJs and producers in Spain like WLDV, Nightcrawler or Traimes. It’s a shame there just doesn’t seem to be many places to play anymore unless it’s super commercial. The audiences are insanely great though, really wild and free.

Royal Athlete:

Interview conducted by Jordi Ares & German MT

A lot OF Thanks to Royal Athlete (Antoni Maiovvi & Vexkiddy)


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