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Exclusive Interview with Undo (Factor City/Envolvent) (2014)


Talk about Undo is talk about the electronic music in this country. From Factor City label (which whom he’s responsible), and with his new project Envolvent, more than ten years in the electronic music, two albums, The Loft (Razzmatazz) resident, festivals, international tours, remixes, vocalist, composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentist, dj, producer, label manager… Undo.

CLG – How do you see the evolution of Factor City all over the past ten years?

Undo – Has been a long way, with it’s ups and downs. When we did started, the vinyl was at it’s peak, we did press a thousand copies and they got sold. Then the digital tsunami got us and everything changed so fast. Many distributors got closed and we got touched economically, getting so hard to recover, but now we’re back in biz. When I look back, I’m glad how far we reached, discovering new artists, released good quality dance music, and that was our goal, so everything make sense.

CLG – What about your music, since that innocent “Mirrorball’ till these new productions, every time taking more care on the details?

Undo – As a producer I’m in constant evolution, since I’ve never study sound engineering, I’m learning on the go, working with other producers. As everything in life, the more flight hours, the better, and the more you know, the more you take in count the less you know.

CLG – At the time to produce, which are your process?, Which instrumentation do you set as basic? DAW?

Undo – I combine software and hardware, digital and analog sound. My favorite synthesizer is the Juno 6 that I have since more than 15 years now and I’ve been using it in tons of tracks. I also use a lot my Machinedrum, Maschine, Microbrute from Arturia, a Korg MS2000, and tons of plugins. To record and sequence I use Ableton Live, which I feel super comfortable with it.

CLG – And for Remixes? How do you face remixes?

Undo – I love to do remixes, I have a better time than doing my own stuff. I normally look for something that inspire me from the original track such as the vocals or some of the sounds and then I start from there, changing the harmony but letting you know that is a remix.

CLG – Your dj sets are well known by their simplicity and musical know how. How do you prepare them?

Undo – I don’t use to prepare them specifically, unless counted times. All over the week I spend a lot of time listening and filtering new music for my sets. I get like 50 promos weekly so I like to improvise.

CLG – The last project you’re involved right now is ‘Envolvent‘, Could you please define the project for us with details?

Undo – Envolvent is a booking, event, and press agency. Also we do a weekly radio show, Envolvent Radio which is broadcasted in many fm stations on Costa Brava. I’m very happy to start this project along my wife, Violant. She’s in charge of the booking, communication, and press department. We also launch events and this summer we’ll start a new adventure in the Aeroclub Empordá, in Pals: The Evolvent Club.

Envolvent Ràdio #22 by Envolventràdio on Mixcloud

CLG – Which are your next projects?

Undo – I’m going to release a new EP with 3 original tracks on ‘My Favourite Robot”, and I’m very excited because I do really like the label. Also I’m releasing some other tracks in other favorite labels, and working in my 3rd LP.

CLG – How do you see the current Live Set format? Do we’ll see Undo in that format?

Undo – Yes, very soon. With Undo & Vicknoise we did several live sets. Victor took care of the ableton and that let me play keyboards and sing live. I want to find a new way to do the live set by my own but in which i could play, sign and improvise in the stage. I’m on it.

CLG – How do you see the current media at the time that your label and music get to know? (Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, Digital Stores)

Undo – They’re very powerful tools to get your music known and to interact with your followers and fans. If you use them well, they’re fantastic.

Free Wav Download

CLG – As an independent label responsible, How do you feel the piracy and illegal downloads affects the music?

Undo – Now you can find anything for free, the music lost its value between the people, it’s a shame. It is affecting to all the labels.

Free Download

CLG – How do you see the electronic scene on an local and international panorama?

Undo – It seems to be a good time for electronic music again, In Spain they’re opening clubs again, I don’t like EDM but USA is taking a lot of care of it so it’s good for all of us. In a creative way, we’re in a good and sparkling moment, There’s many labels and artists appearing all the time.

CLG – Which differences do you find/see when you go outside to play/tour?

Undo – It depends wherever you go, I think in a regular basis, In spain we have several issues with the PA on the clubs, when you go outside you can watch the difference. Seems like we rate to spend in renowned international talent, than in a good soundsystem. That’s putting the cart before the horse.

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A lot Of Thanks to Undo, Factor City, Envolvent, Vio


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