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Envolvent Radio #72 / Buenanoche (2015)


From the beautiful Palafurgell (Costa Brava) the Envolvent team broadcasts each Saturday from 23:00 to 0: 00 h in radio station of the Radio Capital de l’Empordà 93.7 FM the Envolvent Radio, a program run by Gabriel Berlanga aka Undo, and presented by Undo, Xevi Turont and Raúl Pueyo aka Buenanoche. A one-hour program divided in 2 parts, a first part in which are presented next releases to be published in the coming weeks, in this new broadcast, you can hear the advancement of the new album from Lord Skywave aka Simon Lord, who was the voice of the band of Simian and to be released on the new label of Ricardo Tobar of ekkhho; to continue with another album, the recent new album by Dave DK for the Kompakt; and the next album from the duo of Dublin and residents in Berlin of Lakker (Dara Smith & Ian McDonnell) for the label R & S Records; the recent new Dj-Kicks with Actress and the track that opens the dj mix, with Breaker 2 1; the recent new Oscar Mulero album for the label PoleGroup and closing this first part with the German duo of Frankey & Cecil and their new EP for Moodmusic. And the second part of the program, this is for a member of Envolvent Radio team, Buenanoche with a highly recommended djmix.

Envolvent Radio #72 / BUENANOCHE by Envolvent Radio on Mixcloud

1. Lord Skywave – Marceline
2. Lord Skywave – Black Cat
3. Dave DK – Whitehill Feat. Piper Davis
4. Lakker – Pylon
5. Breaker 12 – 2 (Original Mix)
6. Oscar Mulero – Involuntary Response
7. Frankey & Sandrino – Cephel

2.Gast.-Riskk 7
4.Awanto 3 and Tom Trago-Good Old Days.
5.Anthony Naples-Miles.
6.Hauser/Quaid-Loser Gene (feat. C.L.A.W.S. and Young Hetero)
7.Simon Ferdinand-Money Girl (Original Mix).
8.Minor Science-Hapless.
9.Lord RAJA – Throw Them Out (System) (Patten Remix).
10.Luv Jam-Californian Freestyler (Jacob Korn Remix 2).
11.Unknown-8 2AM.
12.Simon Ferdinand-Bright Chimes (Original Mix).
13.Teleskop-WMAP (Kask Remix).
14.Kevin Over-Retrovision (Original Mix).



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