Home Avance Enzo Elia & Florian Meindl present Bobby Blue – Jealousy (2014)

Enzo Elia & Florian Meindl present Bobby Blue – Jealousy [Hell Yeah Recordings HYR7134] (2014)


Interesting collaboration that presents the label Hell Yeah Recordings on their next release, March 17, the collaboration between these two producers residing in Berlin, and from different origins, the Italian Enzo Elia with Austrian Florian Meindl (Flash Recordings), with a different outcome to Florian productions, and with the collaboration of singer Bobby Blue to bring these house vocals to this track called ‘Jealousy’, a nearby tech house track, 8 minutes designed to track dance, dance for us with some catchy vocals and a constantly growing progression, track accompanying the dub version of almost 7 minutes. A powerful track that conveys happiness and good vibes.

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