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Eric Volta – The Dissolution of Eric Volta EP [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


The British producer and resident between London and Berlin of Eric Volta aka Faris Armstrong is the guest and protagonist of the last reference of the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records to bring those cosmic and psychedelic sounds that characterize him, sounds that have led him to publish for labels such as Visionquest, No.19 Music, Lower East or Ellum Audio among other labels an EPs in which on many occasions has counted with the collaboration of other artists, and a long list of remixes for other artists and labels, and now comes to the Canadian label with ‘The Dissolution of Eric Volta EP’, an EP which features 2 new cuts, one of which features the collaboration of producer of Gaika and that is supplemented with 2 interludes and 3 remixes, 2 of the remixes are signed by the Swiss veteran and prestigious producer of Deetron aka Samuel Geiser, with nearly 20 years in the music industry, and the other remix comes signed by Voltaeric, one of the aliases of Eric Volta, an alias that debuted in 2008 for the spanish label of Natura Sonoris.

Eric Volta presents ‘The Dissolution of Eric Volta EP’ in My Favorite Robot Records that opens with an introduction of 1 minute called ‘Heartbeat I: Bleed’, with a buzzing synthesizer ever-increasing until it breaks to make way for ‘Until I Dissolve’, the collaboration with Gaika, a cosmic and psychedelic atmospheres, synthesizers that rumble in outer space, a spoken voice is reciting the composition, and hypnotizes us, captive us in the midst of the darkness of the Eric Volta galaxy, giving way to the 2-minute interlude of ‘Heartbeat II: Cry’, atmospheric and cosmic atmospheres, sounds melancholic, that give way to ‘Deliquesce’, a journey through the cosmos, vintage synthesizers that lead us to this galaxy of Eric Volta built, undulating melodies that will develop in this delicate composition.

The 3 remixes that are included are 3 remixes for the track of Eric Volta & Gaika of ‘Until I Dissolve’, first with the 2 remixes from Deetron, the first called ‘Remix’, with more than 7 minutes hypnotic, dark and mysterious, a synths creating tension in the midst of darkness, crystalline melodies that are lurking, the second remix called ‘Bassless Dub’, Deetron offers us in less than 6 minutes a darker version, more techno and minimalist. Finally the remix from Voltaeric aka Eric Volta, takes us on a journey of 11 minutes from techno old school, Detroit sound, dark sound, strange and cosmic sounds which accompany the remix, with an orientation towards the dancefloor, psychedelic remix.

Eric Volta – The Dissolution of Eric Volta EP [My Favorite Robot Records MFR133] (27 November, 2015)
1 Eric Volta – Heartbeat I: Bleed (Original Mix) 1:00
2 Eric Volta & Gaika – Until I Dissolve (Original Mix) 6:27
3 Eric Volta – Heartbeat II: Cry (Original Mix) 2:32
4 Eric Volta – Deliquesce (Original Mix) 5:48
5 Eric Volta & Gaika – Until I Dissolve (Deetron Remix) 7:12
6 Eric Volta & Gaika – Until I Dissolve (Deetron Bassless Dub) 5:45
7 Eric Volta & Gaika – Until I Dissolve (Voltaeric Remix) 10:49

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