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Agency666 – Fear of the Unknown + PREMIERE [Wechselstrommusic] (2020)


The young producer based in Chicago Agency666 debuts with Fear of the Unknown, demonstrating how few producers are able to skillfully combine their influences with an aesthetic as mysterious and captivating as minimalist. With a stimulating microhouse approach, this fear of the unknown seems to go directly to the bowels of our senses.

We premiered with the track Empty Secret, which is a turning point in the disc, which goes from the darkest to the brightest, and vice versa. The track, as strong as ethereal, takes us to a sinister and hypnotic world, with clear influences of EBM, post-punk, IDM and hip-hop, and that is present throughout each track. The diversity of influences that have been instilled in the album demonstrates exceptional versatility, which makes the album as evocative as avant-garde, original and daring.

The percussion of each of the songs triggers a direct listening rhythm that is dotted with delicious chords and evanescent melodies, which produce a twilight dreamlike sensation, which keeps us as if we were inside a delicious bubble. But the most important thing is not so much this as the clairvoyant way in which Agency666 explains, through its sounds, the convulsive world in which we are trapped. Together, he tries to convey his particular personality and vital project in this deep and intimate fear of the unknown, announcing in the next references, the level cannot be lowered. It is only allowed to upload it. Chapeau!


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