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An Interview with Terr


Terr, producer and DJ, member of the Clash Lion label. As the sound she stands for literally represents the opposite standpoint to this kind of economically driven fast-moving nature.

Why did you decide to name Terr?

I needed a name for the project and I remembered this name, it’s the main character of a Czech-French animation sci-fi film from the 70s called Fantastic Planet. I always loved the movie and the name Terr, so it was a perfect match.

How did this fantastic adventure start for you?

I’ve been doing electronic music since I was a teenager, with other projects. Then in 2014 I started doing some tracks that I thought that were going on a different direction, so I decided to found Terr, where I can express this side of my music, more focused on disco, house, 80s, electro…

How have things developed since you started?

It’s being a lot of fun, actually. I’ve been releasing on a lot of labels I am a big fan of, I’ve been making a lot of music… Now I am developing a live set with videos… I want to push things as far as I can!

Do you regard yourself as an archivist or a musical detective?

More a musical detective. I love to discover new music, new artists from around the world, new forms of art. I am never bored with music because I am always listening to new artists, fresh stuff… And of course this reflects on my music as well, each track is a new story, it always beings as a completely white canvas.

Are you surprised at how this sound has caught on?

Yes, and I am very happy. It’s been a nice surprise to me how people are open to this music.

How did you discover electronic music?

I was a teenager, I listened to punk and indie rock and then I discovered the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, that side of electronic music that is more pop and easy for new ears. After some time I discovered electroclash, Gigolo Records and all that stuff, and then all my punk influences came back and it was the moment I started doing my own electronic music.

What is your music criterion?

I like good music, creative, fresh, bold. It may be punk rock or house music, electro or traditional music, I like music that comes from the heart. Like all good art.

What will Digitaria bring to your personal project?

Digitaria and Terr are two completely different stories. Digitaria is sleeping now, Daniel is doing his own stuff and we run Clash Lion, our label, together (with Shall Ocin). We’ve been playing just special gigs, my main focus now is really Terr.

What in your opinion makes an artist great, besides talent and dedication?

I think that a good artist is someone that is true to himself, someone that does his/her art because of love, because they simply need to. If the art is sincere, it’s fine for me. It may be the freshest thing ever or some remake of something that already was invented, if it has the human, personal and unique touch, it’s cool for me.

Do you have any vision or personal predictions about music evolving in the future and that its position in the world?

It’s hard to predict this kind of stuff. I don’t know what’s going to trend next month or next year, but I am happy that we have more and more people doing music everyday. Nowadays any kid with a computer can express himself doing music, and that’s great. At the same time we have more and more niches, little bubbles for this and that kind of music.

Upcoming projects?

I’ve been doing a lot of music recently, and I have some releases in the next months I am really proud of. Clash Lion, my label, is also doing great, we have some good surprises for the rest of the year too. And I am working full time on my live set, it’s been really fun and chalenging to translate my music to the stages, redoing everything from zero, making adaptations, etc… I also want to have live videos and lights for the show, to make a whole experience for the audience.


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