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Arvid Roloff – Are You My [Aprapta Music]


Today, the recent producer from Hamburg, Arvid Roloff, releases his first album on Aprapta Music, German label, called “Are you My”.

This young producer, with other references on label as EXE Project, offers his most important work until the date. A mix of 11 tracks with psychedelic techno, breaks, funky  rhythm and dark atmospheres under the title “Are you my”. Active psychology and creativity join this album that today it’s coming up on all platforms.



  1. Dawning Hill Original Mix
  2. W-O You Original Mix
  3. Cabled Dreams Original Mix
  4. Are You My Original Mix
  5. More Drops More Original Mix
  6. Claims Original Mix
  7. Funeriel Original Mix
  8. Feer Original Mix
  9. Tomorrow Bug Original Mix
  10. Volodar Original Mix
  11. Motocompulsive Original Mix

His everyday life, Arvid works with convicts who have committed crimes as sexual and violent. He offers a peculiar sight of his music, where he tries to voice the duality that exists between toughness and smoothness, measurement and spontaneity, delicacy and rudeness… Definitely, eleven tracks ready to not leave you alone.


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