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Cycloid Dyaxis – Take Your Heart Away [FenixFire Records]


When the thermometers already begin to give indications that the temperatures are not going to drop until the end of the summer, it makes us think that there is no going back, the temperature is going to rise a lot. Many will say that it is due to climate change or that every year around this time you always sweat the same. Maybe that’s it but when a reference like this appears on the scene, in which different artists cover a Cycloid Dyaxis track, you don’t need thermometers or temperature measuring guns to know that this burns.

All lovers of electro sound in capital letters will find in this “Take Your Heart Away” through the Belgian label Fenix ??Fire Records a clear example of what it means: unity is strength. We are talking about an electro without leaving aside the most classic aspects, embracing the new visions and current developments and at the same time, giving clearly Detroitian nuances.

From the first second you listen to “Take Your Hear Away” you realize that it is one of those incendiary songs and at the same time transcendental. Incredible arpeggios, dirty and rough bases, classic bass lines added to some vocals that immerse you in a trance. Old memories of David Carretta or Zombie Nation resonate when listening to a track like this in which present, past and future are so well balanced. All a goldsmith work by Cycloid Dyaxis.

On the other hand, the rest of the 3 versions, four if we count the Radio Mix, bring us what is a clear vision of respect for the raw material giving totally different visions. Starting with the “FenixFire Mix”, it is worth noting at first glance its low revolution and the enveloping capacity of the track. Tastefully done sequencing and massive automations that create a spatiality and story that has you trapped from the first to the last second. To number it in some way, the second remix is ??by “Acid Extasy”. In this we would have to stop to catch air, breathe and prepare to start dancing. The qualifier of acid sound mixed with trance touches leaves no room for doubt. Direct and clear to the control center of anyone’s brain. And to finish we leave it for some, among whom I consider myself, they call pure and hard electro. We talk about electro with broken rhythmic bases. This great version of “Soullless Robot” shows us a timeless sound that is still being made today, and after so many years. Incredible grooves, very well worked pads and great sound communication between elements. A real sound boo for all of us who love this kind of sound.

As I mentioned before, all electro lovers in different versions can rest assured because with records like this, several things are clear: first; that there are a lot of good producers, like Cycloid Dyaxis, who are going to bring us great joys in the future. Second; that respect for a sound as characteristic as electro is totally intact in references like this one. And third; If labels like FenixFire Records keep giving so much to talk about and develop the good ideas of so many promising people, the future is more than assured. And even if it falls, the phoenix will always rise from its ashes, you will see.



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