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David J Boswell – Tall Skinny Girlfriend [Society Recordings]


Shefield’s multifaceted artist David Boswell has been demonstrating his quality and versatility for over 20 years, either as the HiEM duo with Nick Eastwood, with releases on labels such as Nang or Crosstown Rebels or more recently on Subfield, among others, or solo as Bozzwell with releases on Firm, Suicide Recordings, Throne Of Blood, Relish, Clouded Vision among others. Always showing that versatility of sounds in which he moves, be it disco, techno, electronic, moving comfortably in all of them.

Now, after this pandemic, this time of re-thinking, and creating, he returns to Shefield’s independent label Society Recordings, a label where he had previously released as the duo HiEM or solo as Bozzwell, and now he does so under his own name David J. Boswell. Boswell, showing himself as he is, his more intimate and personal side, with a single, in limited vinyl edition, as a preview of what will be his second solo album, ‘Goin Down Slow’, after in 2010 he released his debut solo album, ‘Bits & Pieces’ on the Firm label.

This new single by David J. Boswell for Society Recordings presents 2 new compositions, some compositions between folk and electronica. As side A of the single, we have the brilliant ‘Tall Skinny Girlfriend’, with an acoustic guitar that starts the song to give way to those keyboards and reflective vocals, a delicate, catchy, simple and brilliant composition. On the B-side we find ‘Better Days’, co-written with Kimi Sears, which presents us with a more intimate, deeper song, with more psychedelic-folk touches, again with guitar, keyboards, traditional vocals, and colourful percussion.


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