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DJ ZAfrica “I have always dream of doing Music”


DJ/ producer ZAfrica aka Lee Pratt from South Africa and based in London answered some questions about him and his artist profile. From London Sound Academy to Como Las Grecas.

1 – When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

I have always Been in Music, since I was child playing with software and sounds and radio cassette tapes, Rock Music played a big rolw in my teens growing upa and getting into the music scene. I have always been fascinated with the way you can change or bend sounds to your liking that’s why I can spend hours in my studio producing.

DJ ZAfrica "I have always dream of doing Music"

2 – How did you decide to dedicate into production?

I Left my Home Country South Africa to come to the UK because Electronic music is not really big there and there is no future for my style of electronic music over there. So I decided to move to another part of the planet to peruse my goals in music. Once I started to DJ and Produce here in the UK, I have played at Ministry of Sound, Bank Side Vaults on Boris Brejcha’s Event, Played a lot at EGG as well as Over Seas in Poland Warsaw and Gdansk.
After Achieving all this in 1 year I knew my Future lies in music and that is what I will dedicate my life to.

3 – How do you assess the trajectory you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?

Long, a lot of hard work and choices. I have always dream of doing Music so I just decided if I do not make the choice to pursue my goals I will never know what I can achieve. I have just always told myself I want to be in music and over the years push myself to where I am now.

4- What was your criterion when producing your last EP?

My Recent Release was based on this Dark Period the Planet is going through, so I decided to produce track on the way I feel at this moment. I make a lot of my music on the way I fell Like most of us artists do but I feel this last release will be one to remember as it was done in a period everyone will remember.

5 – Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

I have Just Started My New Label Zafrica Music So My First Release will be on Here and loads more to come in the Future. I am working on building my own Library of music up and by end of the year I will hopefully have enough release to do all my sets with my own music.

6 – What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

I Think London is awesome all I would improve is getting over this Lockdown Period and back to the Decks at EGG London. There is not really much I would improve coming from South Africa to London is just mind blowing. I am in love with the city London.

7 – Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

I am Working on A New Release and Remix Contest that will Be coming out in October November. With LSA Records that you can find on the link below:


I Plan on have a whole list of my own track to represent my Zafrica Music Label at gigs all over London and Europe when I start playing again. I want to bring something different to the dance floor and give people an amazing time.


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