The collective Others To The Front stands unprecedentedly in the queer House music scene in Madrid. It is a collective from which a constant political review of the dance music scene is carried out, from the core. Now they are releasing their compilation number 1, which is also a testimony to a career in which they have not stopped creating, desiring and feeling new imaginaries that challenge the imposed heterocapitalist imaginary.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing them and this has been the result.

Is Others to the Front defined by any characteristic sound?
Throughout its three and a half years of existence, the sound has been mutating at the same rhythm as the collective, always focused on dance music. Since more than a year ago, House music has become the backbone of the project for being, since its inception, a very powerful political tool of expression of the oppressed queer and POC communities.


What were Others to the Front looking at in the beginning?
Others to the Front was born from the desire to create a non-existent and needed space, where it is possible to criticize, through music and dance, a system that oppresses us and which dictates rules to which we do not belong, nor to which we want to belong. Others to the Front is a political bet of transformation, intervention and action coming from the dancefloor, the club, the music, the mix.

 We want to build community:

– Against the club and nightlife environment dominated by cis-white heterosexual men who define who is in and who is out.

– Against a dance floor that only responds to the easy consumption of bodies and money.

– Against a world trivialized by fame.



What is the message you want to bring across with the House of Others podcast?

House of Others was born at the end of May 2022, claiming the existence of House music as a language, rebellious and dissident, of otherness, as a safe place where to let ourselves be, where to question and seduce ourselves to the rhythm of melodies full of to-be. The history of otherness has always been erased and now it is our turn to dance and tell their stories, which are also ours.

Every Tuesday at 19pm (CET) a mix is published, of at least two hours, where DJs from different scenes of the underground world tell us their story intertwined with their vision of House, accompanied by their respective Tracklist, with the intention of returning this music to its rightful audience from which it should never have left.


How do you feel on the second anniversary of the podcast, and did you think at the beginning that you would have reached this point?
This podcast was born in May 2021 after endless conversations between Materia Hache and Percolator Jr, where we fantasized endlessly about bringing, specifically to Madrid, the culture and sound of House music. Our world is House and we wanted it closer. The first four sessions, released monthly, were of DJs who had passed through the booth of Others to the Front in some of their parties: Panooc, Paurro, Fluffi and Olive T. I remember we were in the parking of Aquasella 2022 trying to download the fifth mix work of Jacki-E, when we got the pill up and decided it would be bi-monthly, we needed more House music. 

There are already 69 podcasts, we are currently launching every week, we have already scheduled until winter, we never thought that the HoO community was going to grow so solidly. And although the second year of the podcast is curated by Materia Hache, it is still in constant communication with Percolator Jr because the House experience can only be complete in community.




How do you plan to celebrate this achievement?

As every year we publish the Tracklist Tracklist, the form of return to our community for accompanying us and transiting together. A useful tool for newcomers, a guide for those who are about to come to find a way to enter the overflowing world of underground House culture.

House of Others TRACKLIST

Releasing the compilation HoO Vol.1, formed by 14 dissident pills that tell a story and exist with you, they are just there and ask for nothing in return. They are there for when you want to feel them. They exist in case you need them. They are there for you to play on any dance floor that sweats glitter. They exist for you to dance to how, where and with whom you want. An EP that dances collectively in search of the common history of the otherness. Deep bass lines that tell our history in the key of Groove, a history which remains, even today, clandestine, and unknown to many.



Which artists can we find in the HoO Vol.1 compilation?

HoO vol.1 is the shared experience of 14 stories of 16 producers who travel together

transatlantically, during 1 hour 18 minutes 41 seconds, in the format of House electronic music. A journey to dive into the overflowing world of the most underground House culture.

We travel through several cities and their vision of House music: To Vancouver with AWood; to Mexico City with Don Esquivel; from México to Los Angeles with Akumen; from Brazil to Berlin with GIO, from Santiago de Chile to Berlin with Feasting; from Texas with Luisa Houseworks; and from Texas to Madrid with Torvvic; to Philadelphia from Peru and the Philippines with RIVA + BIANCA; NYC is the city with the most stops with theoretic, Scotia, KNDYFRK, A Friend of Jackie; from NYC to the UK with Panooc and Jacki-E.


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