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Fearfull – Interferences [Diffrent Music] (2018)


For Sci-Fi lovers and british “Jungle” adicts, we bring you this bomb of LP. Still hot for the ever-lasting london cuisines, wich are living a new revival. For example in “Modern-Jazz” and all kinds of Drum/bass that british artists know so well from the beggining of times.

Chris Murray a.k.a “Fearfull” it´s a young producer that craft all his work via “Diffrent music“, a drum&bass / jungle specialized label that continues to grow and seek for new sounds and shores. After a couple EP signed as “Fearfull”, Chris makes the leap and bring us his first Album production.

“Interferences” it´s an amazing combination of enlightened wildism and mathematical precision. All the album got this strange mix of fancy protest and postindustrial howl. We can find numerous references to some fo the big “Sci-Fi” creations of our time in the titles of the tracks. Showing us there is deep conductive thread that lead and bind this great piece of art.

“Harkonnen” drive us to the dark corners of the cyberpunk, “Interference” shoot at us some of the surplus electricity of this musician, obsessed with the science/tech that are the primary means of creativity in our century.

I could go on and on telling you all the details of this wonder art piece, but i will let you dig your own grave. Loose yourselfs in this agitaded nebula of dark breaks and postindustrial suffering that can burn and provoke our deepest desires.

Fearful ‘Interference’ LP


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