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After his first LP “The Unspoken”, producer DC Salas is back with his “Indecisive EP”. In this last work, Fernanda returns to the dance floor, with a darker and less melancholic sound. These 5 themes are the first of a series of 3 EPs prepared for 2019. A new solo live will expand the history and perspective of these tracks that illustrate the DC club music version. True to his idea, the album has no problem and finds the way back to its original modus operandi, trying to create something powerful without using too many instruments and layers. The result is an album that is a complete course of music, a master class extended and mastered with rigor, in which it manages to launch us at a low combustion rate, as intense as it is dark, towards the deepest part of the cosmos, where few artists They get there. Stay tuned!


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