Högt I Tak & Mindbender – Anticapitalista EP [When Disco Goes Wrong]


It is so great when you find a new label and it also contains awesome music to listen to. So we bring out something very interesting today. We want to launch the new proposal of Högt I Tak Aka Janne Berglund with his new label When Disco Goes Wrong.

As we have been saying, Club Music reinvents every day indeed, it doesn’t stop with this kind of proposals so interesting. Swedish Högt I Tak, who uses to get support on labels such as Emerald & Doreen, Nein Records or CSK:BEAT, begins with his new bet in shape of label, When Disco Goes Wrong. So let’s start with his first release that it is featured in this EP, called Anticapitalista.

Anticapitalista is a EP which consists of two versions from the same original and they share the same name. It has produced by Janne in collaboration with Mindbender. If you don’t really know about house scene from Sweden,  Mindbender aka Mårten Attling is a primary figure in house and techno scenes from Stockholm. Since 90s, he first established in the world of production while he was gaining his figure as dj in Swedish clubs and editing releases on labels as R&S, Machine Soul Records or Apollo Records.

This EP, Anticapitalista, the first release coming up in the discography industry, is made up by three tracks which two of them are versions from the original, the first one called A Rave New World more acid and rave and the second one called A Dub New World Mix deep and 90’s style. Ultimately, this couple, who was advising since mid-2019, drives a rave sound which makes many of us feel yearning.

Anticapitalista will be available on your music store on May 1st


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