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KALYKO: “Knowing and recognizing your past makes you have a better future”


We interviewed Kalyko, Pvlomo’s project, along with Galo Santo, to the vowels. A job that will burn the best dance floors soon, and will soon be on the Controlla label. And if you don’t believe us, come in, listen and dance. Enjoy!

When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

GALO SANTO: Electronic music began to interest me because being a character of the party and night working on them, listening to the best local and international djs I had an interest not only to go and work in some way on the scene, if Not to create something for the scene.

PVLOMO: Well, at 13-14 years old, I felt a little musician inside me that worried me, curiosity, going out to the most dangerous parties, with women already in their 20s, fashion, energy, a thing at the end of the 90s that wanted to take me to risk and emotion.

How did you decide to launch into production?

PVLOMO: I went to eat hikuri (peyote) to the Wirikuta desert and I had a vision, a vision of my then present where I realized that everything I did in my life was circulating around consumerism and comfort, being aware that At any moment I could die and leave, a reprogramming and a “Quest” was born in me to create in many dimensions and disciplines, inspire and leave a legacy so here is the beginning, making rolas traveled and fun for the world.

GALO SANTO: My part of the creative process of the project with Pvlomo is to make vocals and some lyrics of other songs. Sometimes they think they are born by a track that I work Pvlomo or sometimes I can think of some interesting lyrics, to the music I try to contribute ideas and the same vowels.

What is your criteria when producing? What inspires you?

PVLOMO: I am inspired by science fiction, videogames from the 90s, anime from the 90s, and intense emotions, Florida, my family, the Latin morras, the trip, the cats, the dogs, the birds, the fish …

HOLY GALO: I am inspired by the party, sexuality and freedom.

How do you assess the trajectory you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?

HOLY GALO: I certainly believe that knowing and recognizing your past makes you have a better future. You learn from mistakes and improve your skills. And my only reason has always been to introduce myself to the world as I am and express myself through music.

PVLOMO: Well, if time could come back I would do things very differently, however, here I am, 90% accidentally, because with my eyes wide open (even if they look closed), learning, being more aware and with a curiosity more and more growing, in what is life and the powers that influence it and grow in us.

What was your criteria when producing your last EP?

PVLOMO: It is a mixture of different styles, with a unique style, that is, if you hear it you will go through Reggeaton, Deep House, Dark Disco, Minimal, Acid, Indie Dance, a little of everything that is playing in my country, always I was a versatile DJ, I consider myself a versatile person I like to experiment, I like the changes, I like the emotion and everything unified with my style, a style “Palomezco”, cabula, acid, fun, sometimes very dark and tropical, yes Pay attention you will hear very peculiar samples that could be part of your heart.

Could you recommend any set that you are especially proud that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

PVLOMO: Everything I have in my soundcloud and mixcloud are good, all different. Ricv! Oooobvio!

What can you tell us the scene of your city? What would you improve?

GALO SANTO: It seems to me that in Mexico the scene has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to which labels like Controlla support local talent and originality. The parties in general have been an important platform to expose the music and in Mexico there is good music and good party there for all types and for all the public and I think that enriches it and makes it even more powerful. Added to that, the fact that parties, labels and places are more inclusive is amazing! I would not change anything, why I think it is on track.

PVLOMO: Well, it is growing brutally, it is a cool and energetic place to dance and misbehave, I think it is changing organically and because it has its failures there but little by little.

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

PVLOMO: Collaborations with local artists such as Galo and Tkuz and experimenting with genres such as Dark Wave, Electro-pop, Rap, Surf, House in addition to Acid and Tecno, rather than experimenting let’s say I’m giving them their finishing touches and well … soon they will listen and feel .

GALO SANTO: A lot of music with Pvlomo that excites me And that is going to be heavy!


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