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Kate Stein – Mistic Saddle Ranch [Playground Records]


Playground continues to bring to the fore the wide range of artists that are yet to be discovered, all with enormous quality and an original and interesting talent worth knowing.

In its reference number 36, the Argentine label but based in Barcelona brings us closer to the Australian Kate Stein. A production company with other interesting references on labels such as Roam or Nein Records, as well as other very cool DJ sets which we encourage you to discover from here.

For this new installment titled Mystic Saddle Ranch, the Australian prepared an EP composed of two originals with futuristic Disco dyes with high doses of Italo and electro that take us to the best moments of the night in a club. With light progressive touches and somewhat exploited. In addition to the 2 originals, Mystic Saddle Ranch features two high-level remixes. One from Balam, with his characteristic percussive touch, lowered from bpms and much more chill, but with a lot of vibes. And the remix of the great Autarkic pulling more towards an electro influenced by the big beat.


  1. Mystic Saddle Ranch (Original Mix)
  2. Kate Stein – Hi-Lo Motel (Original Mix)
  3. Kate Stein – Mystic Saddle Ranch (Autarkic Remix)
  4. Kate Stein – Mystic Saddle Ranch (Balam Remix)

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