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LaTech – Dime Como [Veneno] (2020)


LaTech is made up of the two producers Edgar Armendariz and David Zarate from Oaxaca, Mexico. Now they debut with “Dime Como”, under the great Mexican label Veneno.

The album consists of three original tracks oriented to the dance floor, with the firm intention of giving it a necessary and demanding twist, and three fireproof remixes. The first songs, of lightning percussion and deep as a sweet poison, gradually catch us, until we reach the remixes of Tivi, Globemaster and Ulises Arrieta, who know how to twist each track until they get all the juice from the originals, but without losing its freshness and its infinite desire to set the dancefloor on fire.

With this album, La Tech is consolidated on the scene with a sound that will create a school, with such energetic and intense, with singular and bizarre nuances, which manage to shape unique pieces, as enjoyable in the best clubs as at home. Each track seems composed with a simpler and more infallible recipe: magnificent wraps of flashing synths, a marked and elegant beat, but permanent, without losing the least contact with the dance floor. In a tense and complex moment like ours, tracks like this manage to detach us from reality and transport us to another necessary dimension, and also, with ease and exquisite elegance, making the established structures a new, more forceful approach. All this with a line full of contrasts, which open us again and again to what is to come, with a result that is both inspiring and magnetic.

The result, a rare album, timeless and pyrotechnic, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all the expectations of dance music. And of course, make us dance like there is no tomorrow. Rave on!


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