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PREMIERE: Vitalo – El Haboui [Italo Moderni] (2020)


On many occasions, the world of music resembles that of the stock market, and the attention paid to an artist depends on their ability to be ubiquitous, to never hit the brakes. There are those who are ‘up’ more because of the gift of opportunity and persistence than because of the true quality of their music, and then we have those who are down. But thanks to labels like Italo Moderni, some artists, of undeniable quality and musical career, are being able to be recognized in the most fair way.

In this second volume, of 4, available on Cassette and Digital, with fourteen tracks by artists of the stature of Kid Machine, Ali Renault, Daniel Monaco, Luca dell ‘Orso, Marcello Giordani, etc., all of them designed to explode our baffles , sounding thunderous, forcefully. Of course, with its electric and powerful essence, which has always characterized Italo Moderni, knowing very well how to move to another dimension.

We are pleased to present the track by producer Vitalo: “El Haboui”, it leads us through a hypnotic bassline punctuated by dark drumbeats that keep the tension on edge. A continuous inward breath that explodes with the metallic howl of a whole generation jaded with routine. Its dense beats and the chiaroscuro atmosphere, drags us towards the mystery, while keeping our eyes fixed on an accessible sound with a certain eighties touch.

And it is that in this second volume, if the artists have something in common, it is that inordinate passion for synthesizers, without ever losing their personality and exquisite taste. We could say that this compilation, distributed by Bordello A Parigi and mastered by Oriol Mubu, opens the year, showing the label’s healthy progress, but above all, its untold potential. For this reason, the best of the compilation is not so much what it contains, but what it promises: once the necessary balance has been made, it is known that what has to come from Italo Moderni in the future will be even better.

Arwork: Pop Marta

Mastering: Oriol Mubu


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