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Xerosorex – Street Attack [Dark Distorted Signals]


The Dark Distorted Signals label has been providing us with an eclectic catalog for some time, full of dark and twisted techno, influenced by EBM and hardtrance. In his collection we can find twenty references produced by authors such as Earwax, Jason Leake. VV303, Xerosorex, Maximalistix, Barroci, GXR, among other underground artists, who since that promoter Signal One, has not stopped growing the label, pointing out ways, and most importantly, making a hole with its own, singular sound, that does not stop looking at the future and the avant-garde.

Now they come back again, and they do it with Lost in time (Perduto Nel Tempo), by Xerosorex, a regular artist on this label, where he presents an acid and dark work, ideal to get into the singular sound of this enigmatic label. We have the honor of presenting the track: Street Attack, a song that does not lose sight of the past to look to the future, and where a rave sound is clearly displayed, but with dark disco influences. Ideal to keep you awake all night long, in this torrid holiday season.

The result of this return of Xerosorex is a whole romantic ode to eclecticism, which is sustained in an ambiguous terrain sometimes between multiple genres, but it is there where this singular producer achieves his final goal: to sound new without being it, to sound old without looking like it, masterfully alternating each genre and stepping out of the maze knowing that, whether it’s been forwards or backwards, the journey has been worth it.



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